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  1. i bought my aygo and had all servicing and warranty work done from shields toyota hamilton until they suddenly overnight closed up and shipped out all fittings and vehicles in a flash! I had several issues with both shields, the staff, their work etc so looking forward to have a new dealer.......... the local approval then went to arnold clark!! i visited them twice - once for a full service and they hadn't ticked the 'change brake fluid' box and no consumables to that effect on invoice yet when they were contacted by me they assured me IT HAD BEEN DONE but tech didnt tick box so they sent me at my request a new sheet that was ticked! 2nd time was due to a recurring rust issue on doors that they sent me round the houses for to 2 different branches and 3 different depts!! when i complained about this their customer services team, basically told me that they do not feel they can attain the level of service that i expect (which is simply do the right thing 1st time and tell me the correct branch/ dept to go to!) so now it is in hands of the head of Toyota GB Customer Relations as all 4 of my local dealers are arnold crap and the one that Toyota suggest is halfway across scotland and i still have the recurrence of the rust to sort on both door frames and the high level brake light aperature and just spotted the other day that under both door seals (3 door 2007 vintage) the inner sills/ lip seal fits to are VERY BADLY CORRODED!!!!!! all thia on a 4 year old 'quality, economical car' which goes through front tyres every 8-10k miles, brake discs 20k, gets 35/40 mpg at best and has had numerous warranty issues with trim, fuel tank sender, exhaust, corrosion, seat trims (full leather option fitted from new), seat frames loose/ rattles and most of these (fuel sender and seat trims/ frames in particular) taking probably no lie about 40 visits so far and still waiting on corrosion ones to be sorted!!!! bah humbug.
  2. hi mainly Fords at first............ Capri 1.6 GL 1980 got '82 sold '90 - had modded with alloys, stereo, stripes... great fun and fab 1st car if dodgy handling..... 6/10 Orion 1.4 Equippe 1990 got new '90 sold '05 - again alloys, stereo, RS bodykit, RS Turbo bonnet, Janspeed exhaust/manifold, RS Turbo Recaros.... just as quick as capri and handled better! more modern, big boot...... 7/10 Sapphire Cosworth 4x4 1990 got '95 sold 2000 - mega modded, too much to list, basics- 400bhp (lots engine work), 18" alloys, s/s exhaust, £4k audio unbelievable power, fab handling, eat gearboxes! loved it but got married so had to go! ........ 11/10 Seat Leon 1.9TDI 110 SE 2001 got new 2001 sold 2007 - 18" alloys, centre armrest, 6 disc changer, Alpine stereo/ sat nav, subbox more sensible again, great torque, good handling, well made........ 8/10 Toyota Aygo VVTi MMT 3 door Blue 2007 got new 2007 and still have.... got Style pack (alloys, fogs, kickplates), Custom pack (full leather interior) used for the daily commute with the wife using her bigger car and kids etc all pile in/ hols etc fun and nippy, like the MMT, no leaks (yet?!)...... 7/10 wife - VW Touran 2.0TDI 140 Sport 7seat '05 got '09 & still got! - roomy, practical, ok handling, powerful, just the job for tent/4 bikes etc!. 9/10 got a midlife crisis now and thinking of a classic like MX5, MGB, Herald, Mk2 Escort.........
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    yes - i checked all the options out a while ago and the original equipment/ accessory one for the pug or c1 are best but i decided not to get it due to the cost!!
  4. ta much - i will go and plead my case at Mr T soon....................
  5. thanks for the info but i'm still not clear on the situation - my reckoning was that if they repair something then the repair should surely be guaranteed other wise say they fixed a seat runner at 35 months old and then it failed 6 weeks later they would say 'well car out of 3 year warranty now so tough' whereas if it had a 12 month repair warranty it would be covered until almost 4 years from car new ie 47 months (35 month old car plus 12 month repair warranty = 47).......... anyone else any the wiser? cheers
  6. hi I have had some issues within the original 3 year warranty period and that has now expired. What I was wondering is does anyone have facts about Toyota warranty on the repairs? - I had heard that any repair they do is actually guaranteed for 12 months so say if at 35 months old they fixed an issue under 3 yr warranty - though only 1 month remains you would have 12 months on the actual repair. Hopefully some experts out there or even a Toyota employee will come up with the goods............... I have faith! Thanking you in advance
  7. I have an Aygo Blue (the original dark blue colour) with a 'Style' and 'Custom' option fitted. The style option was 5 spoke alloys, fog lights and door kick plate trims while the custom pack was a full leather interior (ie front and rear seats) which I chose in black and blue - the blue matching the exterior colour of the car. It is very comfortable and really makes the car stand out but in a subtle way - definately recommend it!
  8. i had same thing happen to my driver mirror for no apparent reason but i do actually think i may have folded it at some point. went to dealer and thought i'd have an issue with them saying 'no - it is wear and tear so need to pay' - now i know why they replaced it foc so easily................ you learn something new every day!
  9. i have also recently fitted 2 toyos to the front as the worn contis just couldnt deal with the snow in december! so far so good.................
  10. hi i have had 2 pairs of fronts with a 3rd pair due soon (all OE spec Contis) having only done 26500 miles in total (ie orig set plus what will be 2 new sets in under 30000 miles!! - i am not going to put any more contis on.............. i loved toyos on my cossie and leon but they were the T1R's and T1S's which dont think you get in 'aygo size'? the michelins from costco sound good (is that the energy E3a/b versions?) - what are they like for grip/ wear etc? any other suggestions/ feedback would be helpful.............
  11. i'll try that yet again - anyone tried 165/ 60 x14 tyres rather than the 155/ 65 as std?
  12. oh, forgot to ask if anyone has run 160/ 60 x14 tyres rather than std 155/ 65 x14 size? cheers again!
  13. I haven't been too impressed with the standard conti's and have been thinking of changing to something else such as michelins or toyos as michelin seem to last for ages and toyo grip well............... anyone had anything else on the aygo other than the contis and what was good/ bad about them? cheers
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  15. cheers to everyone for your thoughts and info! the one issue i am still stuck with is wind noise from the rear edge of the front doors - well the only doors seeing as it is a 3dr model! Toyota and dealer refuse to fit new style seals which i believe helps wind noise but they apparently going to look into 'other options'?