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  1. Jike

    Auris Help

    My 1st Auris was a 1.6 TR (not automatic though). Loved it. Went to 1.6 SR. Loved it. Went to SR180 love it. They're all good in my humble opinion.
  2. Silly question, but have you adjusted the sensitivity dial on the steering column (handbook will show you). It worked for me.(SR180 I assume it's the same)
  3. Jike

    Auris Lowered?

    Just being nieve, but why is there a link on the world "mudflaps" in your post?
  4. Agree about the radio (I thought it was my ears ) But I have to say I love the "surge" that's there when you want it, I love the "boring car" doing the boy racers. I don't like (but I can live with) the scratchy plastic interior. To sum up "this is one hell of a car" with a few annoying little bits.
  5. Jike

    Auris 2.2 Sr 180

    had many cars,last one was a mondeo st,smashing car and did not have problems that some have had,but ride not as comfortable as the mondeo ghia before or auris now.down to low profile tyres and stiffer suspension. you find when having a car like the st everyone wants to pass you,even them on motor scooters, i found myself being very competetive and frightening the wife.she didnt like me going on duel carriege ways with it. at my advanced age it was getting silly.so the st had to go.the auris has not got a lot of the extras the mondeos had but when the warranty is out i will do afew mods.the auris is more suited to someone my age just being a i.6. i did not want another diesel,for the low mileage i now do,what with the weak points like EGR/DMF/DPF. cant crawl under car just for fun like in my younger days.training myself to drive nice and steady now.though always diven smoothly even when shifting.talking about ageing find myself being a bit like VICTOR MELDEW a bit grumpy thats not realy me.i can make a joke out of nothing (wife complains).ive found myself posting remarks on forums that afterwards ive thought why did i do that.i did not use to do things like that.have to have a new years resolution to stop and think before posing anything that may upset any innocent paarty. i think i will brave the cold in the garage and have a !Removed! and stare at the spotless car.using the wifes in this weather would not want to get the auris dirty. Made me smile on a cold snowy day
  6. Thanks for that. This morning it was flashing like mad (weather) so I turned it off and it handled better. Anyway, discretion being the better part of valour I returned home, parked up, and caught the bus. :)
  7. Sorry I cocked the earlier post up. Back to the point....... Erm a bit embarrasing as this might be a stupid question, but can I turn the Traction Control on while the car is moving? :)
  8. When you need to crawl along in the snow. And yes when you want to drive like a n-o-b. Thanks for that. I'd heard about the snow but couldn't figure how it helped. Me being thick I suppose. The theory is that when you are stuck, your VSC will cut power so often because every movement is perceived to be a skid that you will never be able to leave the spot, and in practice it feels like your car is coughing and spluttering (best way i can explain it) but never turns the wheel. Not at all, the whole idea is counter intuitive as you'd think you would want VSC in the snow. Yes, if you are able to drive it in the first place... No, if you are stuck.
  9. Totally agree. I used to have arguements with it, but now I drive by it. Unless of course I want to go a tad fast, not that I would.
  10. When you need to crawl along in the snow. And yes when you want to drive like a n-o-b. Thanks for that. I'd heard about the snow but couldn't figure how it helped. Me being thick I suppose.
  11. When do you need to turn the Traction Control switch off? Unless you're a Top Gear presenter I can't see any reason.
  12. At last! A happy poster. I love my Auris and must be honest I have stopped looking at this forum on such a regular basis because of the moans. (Before some smart**** pipes in, "yes it is good to know problems", but some of them, well, what can I say?) You have restored my faith in "normal people" by giving such honest/balanced personal views. Well done, and thank you. To back track a little, I do still appreciate the advice I have been given when I have asked. But some people.....
  13. Jike

    My Toyota Auris

    Cool ! As good (B'berry quality allowing) as the adverts.
  14. Jike


    I got a Kit and a keyring with my supaguard. Hope that helps, although I get the feeling that it won't cheer you up much.( sorry )