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  1. I went away recently for a week, leaving my car at home parked up for the whole time. When i returned I found the front washers were not working. The rears still work and you can hear the motor but when I try the fronts there is no motor noise and not even a drip. Checked the obvious like water levels, frozen water and blocked jets and still no hope. I've had a search on the topic but cant find definate answers for the two things i need to know, Does anyone know if the fronts have a seperate motor to the rears? and, where the relevant fuses may be? Will have it up in the air and the splash guard off when the weather cheers up a bit. Thanks
  2. mine cut out once when i first got my car and it was because it hadnt warmed up properly. feels and sounds awful so i definately learnt my lesson!!
  3. Discs were a set off of ebay, about £160 for both sets, then pads were mintex Cheers
  4. Been busy the last two weeks or so, put new drilled/grooved discs on all round the other week, then yesterday fitted my Blitz induction kit. Sounds soo good now and would recomend one to anyone. it does feel slightly faster and quicker to respond but no doubt that is just placebo effect :) Also had the wind deflectors fitted and got a new set of plates coming this week :D what do you guys think?
  5. just fitted the Blitz induction kit. SOUNDS AWESOME

  6. I also use hammerite, as said best to take the caliper off, but if you are too lazy (like I will be this weekend) just paint it on the car and it doesnt matter too much if you get drips and drops on the discs as it will usually come off under braking!
  7. Are you using the two bucket technique (one bucket for clean water and one for dirty)? the best way to wash your car without causing any damage to the paint. My method is usually: Rinse blast with the karcher Clean with Mers shampoo and a sheepskin mit using TBT Dry with a large microfibre Clay with Meguiars clay kit Wax with Meguiars Polish with autoglym Seal with poorboys sealant Clean the wheels with billberry wheel cleaner (this stuff is the nuts) Hoover and go over bits i've missed (exhaust, door jars, sills etc)
  8. Thanks, so the SUS, Apexi and typhoon all seem to be on par then in both any performance gain and price. Cheers
  9. Right, I need some help. Fairly new to corollas but I have an old friend who has a blitz air filter kit for sale. I have two main questions about it, 1. Im quite pesemistic when it comes to air filters as all I believe they help do is make it sound better, but will the Blitz one make any noticable performance gain? 2. Its only been used a thousand miles or so and in good condition, is £100 a good price for it? Thanks in advance
  10. I personally hate coloured calipers, unless they are upgraded ones. Cant go wrong with silver or black as it just makes them look smart. Are you sure vinyl will be ok as I'm pretty sure it would just melt off. I usually use hammerite and a basic stencil for any logos if needed
  11. Thanks for the welcomes!! yea the GTi's are ok, after basic mods you will get 130bhp out of them so no massive power machines!! Easy to run and even easier to fix when they go wrong (alot) but just basic all round really. heres a couple of my old one: as said though, different way of life stepping out of that and into the corolla, sooo much more comfortable and huge power difference!
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