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  1. When SWMBO had her Gen 2 one stolen we didn't even bother with insurance, her excess is £250 and the subsequent probable rise in premiums for the next 3-5 years makes it not worthwhile claiming. The replacement CAT cost her £800 fitted and warranted, at the dealers. It was an aftermarket CAT they sourced, not a Toyota one, so no waiting for parts, it was back on the road the next day. I can understand why they upped the premium David, two claims for the same thing means you're a high risk, but the amount they increased it by is ridiculous. Insurance is a big rip off these days, if you claim they claw it back with ridiculous increases in premiums.
  2. IMO Hybrids and PHVs are a safe island where lots of people are gathering at the moment.
  3. just wire it directly to the HV battery 😁
  4. If you have a window in the garage you could attach a solar charger. If you have power in the garage you could attache a trickle charger/battery conditioner like the Ctek which puts the battery on a float charge once it's topped up.
  5. Thanks for that Mick, Google produces some scary results sometimes, mostly from the US, I guess their petrol is not as refined as ours. They seem to blame the ethanol content, claiming stuff grows in it. 😯 I must admit I've never had a problem with the lawn mower, it's always started first tug after leaving it 4-5 months over winter.
  6. I'm probably getting about 10 miles per £, so the plug in would cost a third. I would be worried about the petrol going stale in the tank due to my low mileage, I only fill up once every 4-5 weeks as it is, I think I read somewhere it goes off after 3-4 weeks in warm summer temperatures.
  7. I think it's quoted as 25 miles by Toyota, so less in the real world.
  8. You're probably looking at the menus as I do sometimes Joe, I forget you can scroll them down/up.
  9. I wonder if they have a low mileage club, I've only just clocked up 10,000 miles today, in 3 years 8 months. 😏 I think I need to get out more.
  10. I've tried the 3 different distance settings but it does it on all of them (and in Normal mode). It also is slow to resume when the car in front turns off, it brakes/slows down enough (too much IMO) but the car in front has actually gone round the corner before it starts accelerating again.
  11. My ACC seems to be the opposite, if I use resume, it seems not to want take off until there is a considerable gap with the car in front. This is embarrassing at traffic lights that change quick, as I feel like I'm holding up the traffic behind me. I usually use the gas pedal to overcome this.
  12. But you can hear it, beep.... beep... beep.. beep.beep.beep.beep. 😉
  13. Or in some cases, with the Prius and its regen braking, they wear faster because they don't get used enough.
  14. I've not heard of any Gen 4 having the cat stolen, only the battery stolen from one in the USA. 🤔
  15. In the situations you describe, only one of those would require driver involvement, that's when the traffic lights change to red. The ACC obviously doesn't read traffic lights, it just works off the vehicle in front. But in the other situations, the car's PCS with TSS would react. The car has pedestrian (or object) detection, so if a pedestrian walks out, or a car turns in front of you, the car will tell you to brake or if the said pedestrian or car is close to collision it will brake. Have faith Joe, use the force. 😄