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  1. If I were to change it I would remove it and have it hydro dipped (or DIY). You can have whatever pattern you want on it then, plain, carbon fibre etc.
  2. Instead of taking the grant away why don' they increase the BIK tax on company cars then.
  3. Try covering the sensor on the dash or try turning the auto dimming off in the menus.
  4. Tried ECO and POWER with my first Prius, Gen 3, in 2010 when I first got it, didn't like the dead feel of the pedal in ECO and the fidgety pedal in POWER, neither made any difference to mpg so I have always used normal since then, Gen 3, Prius+ and now Gen 4. TBH, I can't see the point of either of those buttons now, you soon adapt to the driving style that gives best mpg in normal mode, like getting used to the biting point of the clutch on a manual car.
  5. Yes, now they'll have to sell them at the real price 🤷‍♂️
  6. Ditto and my wipers get lifted every 2-3 weeks when the car gets cleaned I have glass polished the screen a couple of times to no avail. SWMBO has had the same wipers on her Gen 2 for at least 9 years, still going strong, she bought the car in 2010 at 4 years old so I don't know but they could even be the original wipers unless they were replaced by the first owner.
  7. Hi Chris, I also mentioned it to the dealers on its first service and they said it was ok. I think the structure of the blade is too weak for such a length (28"), there are no stiffeners on it, like there are on SWMBO's Gen 2 wipers, although they are a bit shorter and I don't know if they are original Toyota blades. It does wipe the screen ok even where it wobbles and it doesn't make a noise or judder but it is so annoying and distracting. I was going to give it another twist but it seems to do it in both directions so I wouldn't know which way to twist it without risking making it worse.
  8. Mine is the same, it clears the screen ok but the slight judder is annoyingly distracting, I wonder if it will get better like yours did, as they wear a bit.
  9. Original blades with less than 9K on the car and not used so much in the rain, but it's always done it from new.
  10. My driver's side wiper blade has a very annoying wobble at the bottom end as it wipes, both directions, has anyone else got/had this and if so did you remedy it or are you just putting up with it as I am ? I have twisted the blade a bit which did improve it a little but I can't get rid of it altogether. I was going to buy another Toyota blade but am not confident that it will cure it as they look flimsy to me. Anybody fitted another brand that doesn't wobble ?
  11. Glad they sorted it for you FOC Chris. 👍
  12. And they have a tendency to change their oil too frequently, which doesn't help the rings bed in when new.
  13. Cats don't usually go "faulty" as such they either work or they get blocked and you would know about it if it was blocked. The bit that fails on the cat is the oxygen sensor that screws into it and can be replaced on its own. I think if that was duff then you would probably get the engine check light coming on and the ICE would run rough. Rough running can affect economy. The only link I can see between the cat and the car trying to run the engine more is in effect it may be trying to run a warm up cycle to get the cat up to temperature when the engine is actually already warm. Is there any soot in the exhaust ?