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  1. In the situations you describe, only one of those would require driver involvement, that's when the traffic lights change to red. The ACC obviously doesn't read traffic lights, it just works off the vehicle in front. But in the other situations, the car's PCS with TSS would react. The car has pedestrian (or object) detection, so if a pedestrian walks out, or a car turns in front of you, the car will tell you to brake or if the said pedestrian or car is close to collision it will brake. Have faith Joe, use the force. 😄
  2. oops, meant to say scrap, spell checker recognised "crap" as a word.
  3. Yes Joe, there's no technological substitute for common sense and paying attention to the road. Although I do love the idea of a self driving car, but I don't think I'd be able to trust one.
  4. If they have the same code, IF7, which In the UK is called Tyrol Silver and they are different shades, then I suspect one of them must have had a respray or been re lacquered in non original lacquer or a thicker coat of lacquer. Both My Gen 4 and SWMBO's are IF7, Tyrol silver and they look exactly the same shade. As did my previous Gen 3 and Prius+ which were both Tyrol silver as well.
  5. Could be a friendly Troll, not argumentative like the normal ones. 🙄
  6. It works off the sat nav so it's only as accurate as the latest nav update.
  7. I saw crap cats being blatantly sold on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, don't suppose the police would act on that though.
  8. Ah, the nutcracker shifter. 😄
  9. Mine holds the set speed down hills, it applies the brakes, and it works down to 0 mph providing there is traffic in front, that's why it's called "adaptive" cruise. You can't set it below 25 mph and it won't work below 25 mph if there are no leading vehicles in front but it will kick out as soon as you touch the brakes. It's a bit like a game of chicken when you're going at speed and approaching standing traffic, it comes to a stop quite sharply and way later than is comfortable for me, although I have learned to trust it. Whatever you do don't touch the brakes then release them in this situation as the cruise is no longer on. 😨
  10. I haven't noticed the door card draught on the Gen 4, but did on the Gen 3 and it was very uncomfortable on a cold day. The Last Ford I had, a 2008 Mk4 Ford Mondeo 2.0 Diesel, had extremely annoying tyre roar from the rear end. The quietest car I've had was a 2001 Mk4 Vauxhall Astra 1.6 petrol.
  11. The larger and flatter the door is the more resonant noise you'll get too. Sound deadening pads on the inside of the door skin will help, but will also add weight.
  12. In my experience, very high tyre pressures will create less road noise, as less of the tyre is in contact with the road, but it will create more noise from bumps and potholes etc. Low pressures will increase noise as the tyre tends to flap about (a bit like when you have a puncture) but less noise from bumps. Ride will be improved by lowering pressures, as the softer, flexing tyre sidewalls take up the shocks from bumps and potholes, but cornering will be severely compromised. Of course all the other things you mention are correct, poor handling excessive tyre wear, as well as extended braking distances too, although handling and cornering at speed are not things that apply to us Prius drivers really. 😉
  13. kithmo

    My New PHV

    That's what I meant, I was just being lazy not typing "by turn" 🙂
  14. kithmo

    My New PHV

    Y You can't show turn signals on the HUD, but you can on the MFD. Select the compass display on the MFD, when on a navigation route and it will display turn and roundabout exit arrows.