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  1. They should make the sale of second hand cats illegal, full stop.
  2. What exactly is wrong with the hybrid battery ? I can't find any POS80 code references online anywhere, only a generic PO580, which is a cruise control fault.
  3. I do it mainly to clear surface rust off the brakes so it doesn't build up because mine is parked on the drive out in the weather.
  4. My Gen 4 (original OEM) battery isn't an AGM battery, it's just a normal Lead acid wet cell with caps for topping up the cells. I use my 3.8A Ctek for topping up the battery about every 6 weeks and it takes around 6 hours just to top it up so 24 hours or more sounds about right from flat. 👍
  5. Does the Prius even have an external motion (AKA tilt) sensor ? The message that comes on on the MFD when you turn the car off is for the internal ultrasonic motion sensor.
  6. Was it laminated the same as the original and did it have the rain repellent coating on the outside, same as original ?
  7. And the smell of burning pads 😁
  8. It's definitely a Gen 4 recall, I had it done on mine. What I really meant was to check if any of the wires are chafed there. The recall work wasn't very convincing to me, they just put a bit more tape on and in the wrong place. I ended up taping it up myself and putting a bit of foam over the wires to protect them in the end, as did others. FYI if the insulation on the wires was damaged when they checked, they should have replaced that part of the loom, I suspect some didn't as it was more involved than taping it up.
  9. There was a recall for a fix for possible damage to the engine wiring back in 2018, did yours get the fix ? Look in the engine bay at the two circled areas in the photo to see if there's any chafing of the wires.
  10. If you turn off the HVAC, it will usually stop in less than a minute.
  11. Try waiting till the engine stops before turning it off.
  12. I would suspect the brake light switch, the switch may be too near or touching the pedal or faulty, the car won't accelerate when the brake is on and if the switch is on then the car thinks the brake is on. This may not throw up any fault codes. Alternatively, it could be contaminated fuel, water or diesel in the petrol.
  13. Still got the Gen 4, should I add the MG ZS EV ?
  14. oops, I messed up......😉
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