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  1. Or you can download and update it yourself from the MyToyota website.
  2. Depends when the car was registered as to whether you'll get any more for free. You get 3 years free updates and my last free update was 6.12.0WH, car registered March 2016. IIRC the latest update came out just after April 2019, so I missed out on that one (unless I want to pay).
  3. There were CD cleaning discs available a few years back that had a small brush on the disc to clean the lens, not sure if they're still available though.
  4. I may be stating the obvious here but have you checked the floor mat is not obstructing the pedal ?
  5. Joe, I used to use it very occasionally for looking at the apps and downloading Nav routes created on MyToyota journey planner on my PC. The apps have expired now (apart from a couple of free ones I think) so I can only use it for downloading the routes, although as Stephen said it's actually quicker using a USB stick.
  6. Not always, sometimes they just check tracking, they can't always adjust castor and camber on every car. If you have the printouts for castor and camber then they probably were checked, did you notice any discrepancies on the left front wheel figures ?
  7. Yes, that's what I use when I'm near a hot spot or on the drive at home as I don't have a data plan with my phone.
  8. You also should be able to connect to the mobile hot spot via wireless connection.
  9. You need to have a full geometry check, tracking, castor and camber. I reckon the camber is out.
  10. Does the alarm have its own horn even ? SWMBO's Gen 2 had the same problem and disabling the interior motion sensor (like Gerg said) cured hers.
  11. Or he could have put diesel in it ?
  12. kithmo

    CDDB upgrade

    That's good to know for early gen 3 owners 👍 Is it still pricey though ?
  13. kithmo

    CDDB upgrade

    And they may not even have current updates for an 8 year old system, the updates for that system may have ended when they changed over to Touch & Go, so you might be paying for an update that's 7 years out of date.
  14. kithmo

    CDDB upgrade

    On a 2011, assuming it's not a Touch and go system, which was introduced in 2012 on the facelift Gen 3, it's a dealer visit and a £150 (ish) bill (last time I checked a while ago) to update the Nav, which updates the Gracenote CD database at the same time. ☹️
  15. 👍 Or a big V8 engine when you rev it 😄