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  1. kithmo

    Gen 4 Prius, PiP and Hybrid C-HR Recall

    That's exactly what I've done after visiting the dealers and them telling me they don't know about the recall and they'll let me know when they do. Mine has signs of slight damage to the black insulation tape but none to the actual wiring.
  2. kithmo

    Radar cruise control query - don't do this at home!

    I've used it on A-roads and motorways, no problem. Just be aware that when going round bends (on A-roads), if it loses sight of the car in front, it will accelerate until it picks it up again. This can result in you taking the bend too fast for comfort. you can lessen this effect by having the cruise distance set to short (1 bar) and cutting the bends slightly, basically aiming your car at the car in front. I've not had any problem with oncoming cars and re cars cutting in front of you, it doesn't react too violently unless they really cut you up.
  3. kithmo

    Gen 3 vs Gen 4 load space

    Prius+ mpg is almost the same as the Gen 2. Prius+ average on Fuelly = 49 mpg. 2008 Gen 2 average = 51.2 Gen 2 slightly better but not much.
  4. kithmo

    Gen 3 vs Gen 4 load space

    The Prius+ is the way to go if you want load space.
  5. kithmo


    I found the same when I got my first Prius, a 2010, 1.8 Gen 3, comparing it to SWMBO's 2006. 1.5 Gen 2. The Gen 2 is more responsive on a light throttle than the Gen 3 initially, but runs out of puff at higher speeds. With the Gen 3 you have to floor the pedal to get the same response, but it will keep pulling up to motorway speeds and higher. If the Gen 3 doesn't pull well when you floor the pedal then there may be a problem.
  6. kithmo

    Gen 4 Prius with 15" wheels - Combined (mpg)

    Automatic as well. There is no 1.5 or 1.8 petrol Automatic that can touch the Toyota hybrids on mpg, even the diesel manuals are very few and far between that can reach these sorts of mpgs in real world figures.
  7. kithmo

    Gen 4 Prius Malfunctions - Visit your dealer

    Thanks for that Paul, I've just purchased it.
  8. kithmo

    Protection Pack for Gen 4

    I used to put mudflaps on all my cars until I got my first (2010) Prius. I personally don't think they're needed, due to the flat, slab sided bodywork just behind the wheels, less stuff splashes up there from the wheels. You still get the fine spray, but you get that with or without mudflaps. (and it's not because I'm a tight Yorkshire man that I don't fit them )
  9. kithmo

    Service plan

    The basic cost of a service doesn't include extras like a brake fluid change etc. some service plans do. The main advantage I can see of a service plan is it covers any service price increases. I paid for my first service then bought a plan at my second service to cover 4 services (including the second), 2 major and 2 minor, together with one free MOT for £1016, that'll take me to the end of the warranty. At £350 for a major and £150 for a minor, I'm basically getting a MOT for £16, but these services include everything like brake fluid change on the majors etc. No doubt there will be price rises in the next three years, so I will save a little there.
  10. kithmo

    Issues with Radio Traffic Announcements

    That explains why I haven't got them, I don't connect my phone to the car for internet.
  11. kithmo

    Gen 4 Prius with 15" wheels - Combined (mpg)

    Good result Joe, recent warm weather helps as well
  12. kithmo

    Service plan

    Service plans are normally dealer options so the only way you can use them at another location to where you bought the car is if that same dealer has another branch nearer to your location.
  13. kithmo

    Issues with Radio Traffic Announcements

    How do you get the real time updates on ?
  14. kithmo

    Gen 4 Prius Plug In

    I have 17" Toyo Nanoenergy tyres on mine and they are very quiet. I have heard said that the 15" Toyos are noisier though.
  15. kithmo

    Gen 4 Prius Malfunctions - Visit your dealer

    Yes, taking into account the stuff that's drawing current when in accessory mode, 11.7 volts sounds ok. do you have a link to that cup holder sized usb/twin power socket/voltmeter thingy.