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  1. kithmo

    Wheel nuts replacement

    I use coppaslip on the threads but not the tapers, that's where the nut holds onto the wheel, I don't want that to slip. I've never used a torque wrench yet on a wheel nut and never had one come loose in 45 years of motoring.
  2. kithmo

    Alarm going off on Gen 4

    The 30 minute thing may be true for a non hybrid where the starter motor takes quite a chunk out of the battery but for the Prius, the 12v just boots up the computers and throws the relay across to connect the HV battery, very little power is taken out of the battery for that. The HV battery does tend to charge the 12v very slowly, unlike an alternator on a non hybrid, but it should regain the level it was at in around 10 minutes. If the 12v battery was low to start with then to fully charge it would take longer. I do agree that if the car is not used often then it is a good idea to condition the 12v every so often, I do mine once a month or so.
  3. kithmo

    Alarm going off on Gen 4

    Another thing to try if it re-occurs is to turn off the interior theft sensor, this will eliminate that as the fault if the alarm goes off again.
  4. kithmo

    Carista App for Gen 4 Prius

    As you sit in the driver's seat, it's in front and slightly to the right of you just behind the bottom edge of the lower dash panel. There's no cover or anything on it so you should be able to feel it when you run your hand along the bottom of the panel. As with all cars fitted with OBD sockets, it must be within reach from the driver's seat.
  5. kithmo

    Gen 4 Plug-in

    It's to prevent you driving off with the plug connected.
  6. kithmo

    Alarm going off on Gen 4

    You just got your post in before me there Barry. I was going to say, I'd check the 12v battery first. Most alarms have an internal voltage drop sensor e.g. it goes off when a door is opened and the interior light causes a voltage drop. If the 12v is low, it may be going below the sensor's threshold and setting the alarm off. Also check that there are no other leakages on the battery, interior lights (especially boot) or aftermarket fitments like permanent feed dash cams etc. If it's none of the above then the interior sensors are the next suspect.
  7. kithmo

    Dashcam in Prius Hybrid

    Yep, you definitely need full HD to see number plates at any distance.
  8. kithmo

    Prius facelift 2014?

    I still like the shape of the Gen 3 but I also love my Gen 4's Zorro tail lights and the LED headlights. The rest of the front and rear bodywork looks a bit to busy a bit like an origami project, but the driving dynamics and fuel economy are phenomenal. I know I'm only showing 57 mpg on Fuelly, but that's virtually all short trips and urban/city driving.
  9. kithmo

    Prius facelift 2014?

    SWMBO's 2006 Gen 2 T4 has a JBL stereo, but I don't know when the first ones came out. If I were you, I'd wait until you can afford a Gen 4, it's a totally different beast, much better than the previous generations.
  10. kithmo

    Prius facelift 2014?

    2012 was the facelift year for the Gen 3. Different tail lights, moved foglights and IIRC DRLs introduced. The nav system was changed to Touch & go too. I don't think there were any changes in 2014.
  11. kithmo

    Air Conditioning Or Air "con"?

    Apparently it's normal R134A refrigerant but with a special non-conductive compressor oil for hybrids added. see: Priuschat
  12. kithmo

    Engine vibration

    I think he's resiled ? 🙂
  13. kithmo

    Jump start to and from a Prius 2006 Hybrid

    I could say to you, try not to be so pedantic. The fact that I mentioned cranking the engine precluded the Prius as "another" car to anyone else.
  14. kithmo

    Jump start to and from a Prius 2006 Hybrid

    Basically that's what I said, which part isn't true ?? Another Prius wouldn't have the engine cranking as I said the other car would in my post.
  15. kithmo

    Front External Door Handles Sticking

    For some strange reason, mine's never done it again , even in the recent warm spell, but if it does I'll probably do the same with the silicone spray 👍 .