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  1. Procedure When Stationary

    Am I reading it right ? It seems to say that aftermarket HIDs will be a failure, regardless of whether they are adjusted correctly or not, i.e. only factory fit will pass.
  2. Procedure When Stationary

    Not being belligerent here or anything, but is this your opinion or is it a fact taken from somewhere like a manual etc.
  3. Fuel consumption readings.

    AKA MFD, Multi Function Display. If you flick through the Trip options with the trip button on the steering wheel you'll come across the current journey mpg, I use this most often, only switching to trip A when refuelling to check tank to tank mpg.
  4. Fuel consumption readings.

    How did you get the mpg reading on the HUD ?
  5. Gen4 Service Schedule

    Sounds like a sensible dealer. I've just had my second service today at 2 years, 6000 miles and it was a full service. They would normally charge £340 for this but I bought a service plan recently. They still tried the fuel treatment ploy for an extra £20, which I refused.
  6. Procedure When Stationary

    I would suggest an eye test for anyone experiencing brake light dazzle. I used to get phased by people in front holding their foot on the brake until I had my eyes tested and got some new glasses, it doesn't bother me at all now.
  7. Procedure When Stationary

    Yeah, it's got to be either foot brake on in D for short stops or just P for long stops, the foot operated parking brake is just for parking as is N.
  8. Continuous beeping when driving

    I think that warning light may double up as a low brake fluid warning as well, check the fluid level.
  9. Park Assist after Flat 12V battery

    Yes, driving it for a while initialises it, mine was the same when I picked it up from the dealers, they must have had the battery disconnected.
  10. Brake calipers

    The other problem, besides opening the door, is that if you push back any pistons, e.g to put new pads in, then the ecu will flag up a pressure loss fault. Best bet is to disconnect the battery, replace the pads then pump the brakes back up before reconnecting the battery. I have dismantled and cleaned SWMBO's Gen 2 front pads, sliders and pins without disconnecting the battery. I replaced the old pads so didn't move the pistons and didn't open the door in the process.
  11. New Prius Excel - good deal?

    I just took online quotes with me to the dealers and got a similar deal. Not looking to change already are you Joe ?
  12. Prius vs. PiP

    I seem to remember reading there was no pre-heat function on the PIP (Gen 3 shape) as well as no spare.
  13. 2nd gen p0420 fault code

    Have a look at this page: P0420 code fix
  14. Ludicrously basic question - Gen 2 brakes

    Not sure if the parking brake actuates the brake pads on the Gen 2, I seem to remember reading somewhere that the brake disc has a built in, smaller, drum brake with shoes for the parking brake, or was it a dream ?
  15. Ludicrously basic question - Gen 2 brakes

    I think you're right there Bruce, I've never had a problem with brake discs rusting and my car stands on my drive for 2 or 3 days at a time out in all weathers. I reverse about 30ft down my drive each time I use the car, with my foot slightly on the brake, which probably cleans the discs.