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  1. kithmo

    Prius 2016 gen 4 VS Prius+ 2016 ?

    Prius+ Pros: it's quiet, comfortable, spacious and one of the best looking MPVs IMO. Cons: slighly less economical than the Prius hatch (G3 and 4), the CO2 being over 100 takes it into the next VED bracket (still cheap though) and although they fold down, the 3rd row seats can't be removed. Other little things, the tyres are cheaper, even the 17" are a higher, more common profile (55) than the standard Prius (45) and there is more storage under the boot floor, but less in the centre console (the HV battery is in there). I absolutely loved my Prius+ but SWMBO didn't and because most of my journeys were single occupancy, the 3rd row seats never got used and the second row very little. The Gen 4 came out and it suited my requirements better so I traded it in.
  2. kithmo

    Prius 2016 gen 4 VS Prius+ 2016 ?

    The 2012 Prius plus I had was about 5 mpg down on the 2010 Gen 3 I had before it and the Gen 3 was about 10 mpg down on my current 2016 Gen 4. See Fuelly for the real world figures (make sure you are viewing it in UK gallons): Real world mpg
  3. kithmo

    2019 Prius unveiled at Los Angeles

    Great, a bigger unnecessary wireless phone charger that never gets used 🙄 I'd rather have a deeper tray. Nothing to see here for me, I like my Z rear lights and don't do enough miles to justify AWD 😒
  4. kithmo


    Sounds like the AHB button is a waste of time, another of Toyota's half-hearted attempts at unnecessary gadgets that don't do "what it says on the tin", I don't use it on the Gen 4. 🙄
  5. kithmo


    I might be stating the obvious here, but you do have the stalk pushed forward to the high beam position, don't you ?
  6. kithmo

    Gen 2 heavy steering

    SWMBO is complaining that her steering is heavy on her Gen 2. When I drove it the steering is definitely heavier than the Gen 4, but not having driven it much I can't tell if that's normal. I have tried upping the front tyre pressures but no difference. Could the electric assist be failing on it ?
  7. kithmo

    Gen 4 Dashboard Removal

    Haynes manuals are a waste of money these days, I bought one for SWMBO's Gen 2, anything technical and it says refer to the dealers.
  8. kithmo

    Puzzling double beep - help please?

    Sounds like a phone/bluetooth type beep to me. Try the same journey without your phone or with it switched off.
  9. kithmo


    Same as with the Prius IMO, winter tyres v summer.
  10. kithmo

    Cross climate tyres for Prius Gen4

    As they're the correct size, check the pressures, I usually run about 3 psi over to even the wear out.
  11. kithmo

    Cross climate tyres for Prius Gen4

    What size are the new tyres Trevor ? They should be 215/45 R17. FWIW I always change tyres at 3mm, below that they are less efficient at removing water from under the tyre and more prone to aquaplaning.
  12. +1, I'm 6' 1" , 29" inside leg and sitting bolt upright, bum right at the back of the seat, the only way I can get my head to touch the roof is by tilting my head backwards over the headrest. I also hate the fact that I can't turn the lights off completely. I sat there on my drive updating the Nav for half an hour (in the dark) a couple of nights ago with the lights on (turned to parking position to get the headlights off), the neighbours must have wondered what I was doing.
  13. kithmo

    Changing water pump --- pulleys as well ?

    It's good practise to change idlers, tensioners etc. if the water pump is driven by the cam belt, so it's not necessary on the Prius, as it isn't. I would only change them if they have excessive play or are noisy.
  14. kithmo

    Gen 4 Prius, PiP and Hybrid C-HR Recall

    Got my letter Saturday so I went to book it in yesterday and they did it there and then, 20 minutes. When I looked under the bonnet it appears it's only the right hand (looking from the front of the car) harness that the recall is about they didn't touch the left hand one, which is the one that was rubbing on mine