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    Prius Brakes

    What you're describing is the normal behaviour of ABS, if you're having a problem braking on a rough surface you're driving too fast, common sense says don't drive fast on a loose/rough surface unless you're a rally driver.
  2. The CAR journalist probably carries a 75Kg or more of equipment around with all the time too.
  3. What you're saying sounds right, but the problem is, how to prove it's the wrong oil if they say it is the 0W/20 they put in. I would go back and ask politely and if they say they put the right oil in, it may be more economical for you in the long run, if you're losing £18 a week, to buy some more 0W/20 and change it yourself, leaving the new filter as it is.
  4. Speeding ?, in a Prius, unheard of
  5. It is possible, travelling at 60-70 mph with full throttle, to overheat the brakes and hence create brake fade and possibly fluid boil.
  6. I'm not worried as the 2010 Prius is not affected by this anyway. I think some of these unexplained acceleration situations were down to floor mats and the accidents are down to driver error or inexperience. I mean how hard is it to turn off the ignition or knock it out of gear to stop a runaway car ? What you have to remember is the USA mindset of, if it's not made in USA then its substandard and suspect. Also the blame and claim culture over there.
  7. kithmo

    Done It!

    I've had my Prius 3 weeks now and this is my first new car and the first one I've had with no kerbing damage on the wheels and no stone chips on the bonnet. You also get the latest nav version with a new Prius. Before this one I had been buying nearly-new cars, 6 to 12 months old with 7-13k miles on and they always had chips, scratches and alloy wheel damage on them (albeit sometimes poorly touched up).
  8. I've had my new Gen 3 T-Spirit for just over 2 weeks now, done 398 miles and I'm loving everything about it except the road noise. On perfectly smooth tarmac it is silent but on any other surface it's noisy (Michelin Primacy HP tyres). SWMBO just bought a 2006 Gen 2 T4 and hers is a lot quieter. The Gen 2 is a bit more blingy too, chrome interior door handles, more steering wheel controls and nice chrome strip across the front grill. The Gen 3 looks a bit bare on the front, it could do with some chrome garnish on the grills.
  9. kithmo

    Auris Hybrid

    My Missus went with me to pick up my prius and ended up buying herself a Gen 2 one.
  10. Yes it does have electrically adjustable and heated mirrors on the T-Spirit, I think the OP meant it doesn't have Power-fold mirrors. I would have liked the Power-fold mirrors, but more so Auto headlights and Auto dimming rear view mirror, they are some of things I miss from the Mk4 Ford Mondeo I had previously. The power-fold mirrors are not so much of an issue for me now as the Prius is about a foot narrower than the Mondeo was. What I don't miss is the fuel consumption. The Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Auto was doing around 30 mpg on my short commute to work, the Prius is doing 57 mpg so far and getting better every day (only had it 2 weeks).
  11. Thanks, that's put my mind at rest to some extent, knowing that the battery should be ok for 4 years or so. I may even have saved enough to buy a new one by then. :D
  12. Is it feasable to upgrade the standard 12v battery to a larger capacity one or is it just a waste of time ? The reason I ask is that it seems, according to other posts on here, that the battery is likely to run flat on its own if left for a few weeks. I was thinking that in a situation like going on holiday for 2 or 3 weeks and leaving the car at a car park near the airport, am I likely to come back to a flat battery ?
  13. Pentagon Toyota Sheffield are selling Prius side mouldings on Ebay for £65.38 delivered, but it's not clear if they are for Gen3 or 2 Check this out: Prius side mouldings
  14. I just quoted the price and online supplier to my local dealer and with a little haggling they almost matched it. Then adding the 3 years free servicing (which the online deal didn't have) and free mats, they in fact actually beat it by around £200. I ordered a T-Spirit with no options, in silver, lead time 2 weeks.