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  1. After calling RRG Toyota Bolton, I was given instructions on how to check engine oil. I am a 57 year old engineer and have been able to check oil since I could reach the dipstick! However I have been advised not to drive the vehicle, the only time I have free is Saturday morning they are not interested. People please don't use RRG Bolton, if they are unable to check oil levels what else can't they do.
  2. Is it me or am I expecting to much! Just had my Aygo serviced and yet again when I come home and check the oil level you find it is overfilled. On the paperwork it seems that the technician has checked the level twice someone needs glasses! Calling the service manager on Monday. Rant over.
  3. Just seen this on the Internet Aygo Best City Car. Well done Toyota
  4. And it has had a bit of a issue this morning resulting in a dash full of flashing lights. Oh err missus. Removed from obd port all back to normal!
  5. I ordered one from eBay £3.99 plugged it in works fantastic it's it's amazing the gauges you can put on your phone.
  6. Quick question! If you leave an obd scanner plugged in will it not drain your battery?
  7. Just how does the computer work out your fuel range? And should that range alter for different vehicles.
  8. It does need to be set every time. Speed limit is wiped every time car is turned off.
  9. Why not use a bottle of Redex?
  10. X-cite 4 as it came from the factory.
  11. Picked it up yesterday. RRG Bolton could not have been more helpful.
  12. Thinking about a new Aygo but don't know what the water leak situation is like. Any reports? salesmen say all is now ok!!!
  13. Two questions any ideas where you can get a new 6SPEED gear knob for a Yaris 1.33. Without paying Mr Toyota £81.00. Will any other aftermarket knob fit remember that it has the reverse catch! Many thanks Nick
  14. Nick Brown


    Removed battery to clear leaves and rubbish upon reconnecting the battery I have these faults Traction control light on button not working Central Locking not working on key fob Unable to open Boot. Anyone offer any advice?