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  1. If you have recently bought this, within the last 6 months for sure, longer if it is reasonable, then look to the sale of goods act. If it has a problem they have to fix it - that is it - no gibberish about waranty terms etc,. Last car I bought had no warranty, the dealer spent about a month ferrying it and a loan car back and forth while they sorted out, by co-incidence, the GB.
  2. We had that one too, but I have not seen it again since we had the control unit changed for the "gearbox inteferes with the radio" mod, and no I am not making it up! All this had a direct effect, when my car came up for replacement the Avensis did not even make the list, I got a Passat, the DSG is similar to MMT but when it works it is really smooth, of cause the "when it works" is the draw back :) Chris
  3. When I take the auris out, I use E, but supplement it with the wheel paddles, you can tell it when you want to change up or down to avoid headjerking when it changes up, and to be in the right gear when you go thru corners. Honest I am not a boy racer - but I was!!! We are lucky we live in a flat area. Chris
  4. There seem to be a few converts here, so for those who have worked out how to drive this contraption, how do you do a hill start? I know the obvious answer is the handbrake but is there anything else I should know, the dealer told us to use the brake and accelerator together, sounds like a recipe for a burnt out out clutch to me.
  5. I saw this and thought great, perhaps an answer to the naff gb. I just checked and the part number is 324811-11810, is that v10 or rhd v0? This part was replaced last year as part of the modification to stop the GB affecting the radio. I see mentions of 5th and 6th gear hear, is that later/bigger cars, this 07 1.6 MMT has only 4 - it desperatley needs a 5. And for the person trying to use the paddle shift, forget it, some clown fixed them to the wheel not the steering column. On an F1 car where full lock is about a quarter turn wheel mounted is fine, for something with about 3 turns it is just
  6. My wife had trouble with her 07 auris, she has the automatic (electric clutch really) option, it would roll back on hill starts because she could not pull the handbrake on enough. A combination of the near vertical handbrake lever and her being short so having the seat forward. Toyota do a kit for this situation to quote toyota, "there is a modification available. There is a kit which includes new cables and a new handle which resolves the problem. Instead of the hand break being 6-9 clicks, the modification takes it down to 3 clicks", fitting this did help. It had a nominal price of £435 inc,
  7. I had never noticed the problem, but they took it in and fixed it. I am hoping it fixes the stuck in 1st issue. Of course it took 2 tries, they didn't have the parts first time!!! It is big job, 7 hours inthe workshop as the gb has to come out, perhaps they are staggering the recalls. Chris
  8. Is it right, is it normal... You have discovered it goes into limbo between taking the foot off the brake and pressing the accelerator, now try it on a slope like a ramp in a multi-story car park - rolls back like a learner driver. There are a couple of solutions, use the hand brake, but if you are short this is not possible because the seat is in the way (Toyota have a mod for this), the local garage suggested pressing brake and accelerator in this situation to my short wife. Other comedy, tune to a moderate strength FM radio station, listen to the gear chages breaking up reception (Toyota ha
  9. Sounds familiar, had interference when an MMT changed gears, the clutch is electric. Toyota has a mod for the wiring loom and the MMT ECU. Maybe a similar issue? Chris
  10. Is an auris really a Toyota? I tried to fill the washer bottle with more concentrated screen wash. How on earth do you open the bonnet when it is frozen shut, and when you give up, without opening it, how do you secure the catch again before driving off. I miss the thought that went into the Celicas. Chris
  11. I am prettu sure it is electro mechanical, it keeps going ant the same rate all the while you have any presure on the pedal. Like a noisy motor engaging.
  12. The Auris seems to have developed a new noise, just as you touch the accelerator it is like a small noisy electric motor starts up, it is engine speed independent. Is it a sign of a fuel pump dying, does the auris have a system that switches off the fuel pump when you are not touching the pedal? Chris
  13. I was getting the same effect today, the AF button seems to enable the RDS function to find alternate frequencies for national stations. Chris
  14. I have had the kit fitted now, for the MMT this meant a new gearbox control module and radio supply loom. Radio 4 no longer breaks up when the gears change so it worked.
  15. Thank you for that...all suggestions are welcome but I really think that it is Toyota's responsibility to sort this out and not for me to start paying out again to put it right...I do not mean to be rude but it is farcical for someone to buy something at a price of £14,000=00 and not get what was requested when it was purchased...both Toyota and the car dealer appear to have washed their hands of it...regards Laurie I find the garage I use to be pretty useless too, constant broken promises and farcial confusion. But for the handbrake kit I posed as a paying customer at another garage, once I
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