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  1. Hi , So, look at your brake pads. there is a small metal staple who moves sometimes... Just put it in the right place and that's it! I've got the same nightmare until tonight..... and now it's over for a while;) I HOPE SO!!!!! Bye
  2. Hi BB44, Very exclusive car, now!!!! How did you do this miracle? Thx for your reply.
  3. Hi Myko, I'm trying to do less than you , but I'm just doing a 33mpg (7.1 l/100km) at the best since 4 months.... So be happy!!
  4. Hi Rick Thanks a lot for this post.I've checked and cleaning my EGR valve yesterday and now it's a lit bit smoother than before => like this WOOOOOOOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with you for cleaning every 10k. BB
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