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  1. Your absolutely right, I was thinking of when my gasket blew between cylinders(don't ask me how that happened!). Symptons very similar. Sorry if I caused alarm!! :P
  2. The cam belt on my 3sfe Curren snapped and it is indeed a non interference engine BUT you will still need a head job (skim).
  3. Agreed, always had good service from Harringtons and fairly cheap too, all genuine parts/tools etc, I think they are accredited. Farlington/Drayton - always get them two places muddled!!
  4. Ready for the latest bit of the saga? Wait for it........ The salvagers of my car have sold it to someone and it still belongs to TESCO's. TESCO are far from impressed, especially as the V5 was automatically issued to the new bloke because Tesco's spent too long informing the DVLA about their circumstances. This makes me laugh and cry. Tesco told me I could not have the wreck, don't know why and now I'm gonna bump into the car I love after wanting to repair it myself and whilst at the wheel of an Escort.
  5. Ryan, You still here? I see like me you are no longer in a 'Toy' - Dagenhams finest for me <_< :( :cacker: ps - I use Meguiars 3 stage and it is amazing, but worth all that work!?
  6. I got an Escort GTi but i'll be back, perhaps even with a 1967 2000GT
  7. Yes that is a really nice example by the looks of it. Just what i'm after BUT (and I hate to sound picky) I don't want red.
  8. :ffs: that is so annoying!! Howcomes it was salvaged at 2 yards? ← Thanks for the sympathy everyone :D It was salvaged to 1 yard then removed to another for insurance inspection.
  9. No they havn't mate, Iwas horrified to find that 'SOCO' have not even bothered to look at my car and have lied to me by saying "No decent prints were to be found", I THEN found out from the 2 yards were it was salvaged to that not a single COPPER has even phoned up about the car. I fully intend to complain and take it further, but i'm not sure where to start. It's like the Police are laughing at me. Don't they even WANT to catch criminals any more? Without saying too much, these lads are local and it's good to have lots of Biker friends ;)
  10. Hi folks, havn't been around for a while but I got a little story for you! :( Twas the night b4 christmas when all through the town, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, except the 2 workshy thieving scumbags who decided to relieve me of my car on Dec 24th with violence. Because I have taken a drop in salary and now lost my full NCD, I can no longer afford to drive trhe car of my choice. Any 1 got a nice little PAS or SERA for sale, please let me know. Cheers Jim.
  11. Sounds serious. Hope your ok :( Fine thanks mate, fell down the stairs an done me back, fr ribs, rear ribs, coccyx and elbow - nothing permanent jus lots of cracks and bruises Don't make me laugh, it hurts when I laugh!
  12. Sorry I didn't show up, had a nasty accident at 0530 on Friday morning and have just escaped fromt the hospital :(
  13. Is your car white by any chance, with neons?
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