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  1. Im also interested. if you don't shift them let me know. possibly need them shipped to me though.
  2. Mine took 4 weeks and also had about a £30 import charge. worth every penny though sounds brilliant and makes the throttle a little bit more responsive as well.
  3. The heating in my 02 T sport seems to pick and choose when it wants to blow out hot air. no matter how hot i set the temperature it will blow out hot air then go cold then hot again. anyone know what the problem is? or how i can fix it? any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I want to get a front strut brace for my corolla T Sport. fensport have 2 one is a whittline one at £134 the other is a TRD one at £234. has anyone used either of them and know if the TRD one is worth the extra £100? any advice on this i would be extremely grateful.
  5. I just need a quick bit of advice. which is better to go for drilled and grooved or dimpled and grooved?
  6. Im looking to change the front seats in my corolla T sport i found these on the demon tweaks website http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/Performance/Seats_Accessories/Seats_-_Reclining/Recaro_Speed_Seat/2010/8749 Could anyone tell me what subframes i would need to fit them and where i can buy them from. I can't seem to find any and I don't really fancy paying for a custom job.
  7. Not sure about the corolla ones but my brother has them on his Honda civic ek9 and they are very good, very hard though but well worth it for the performance enhancement. I know a few people who run various tein suspensions and none of them have ever said a bad thing about them. hope this helps. if you do get a set let me know what they're like as Im looking to get some coilovers in the near future.
  8. I found these on ebay and was wondering if anyone had used them? are they any different to standard? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/COROLLA-T-SPORT-FR-RE-DRILLED-GROOVED-BRAKE-DISCS-PADS-/320525114763?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4aa0c91d8b#ht_2079wt_907 If these are no good can anyone recommend any good uprated brakes?
  9. I thought i would upload a photo or two of my corolla as i am planning on spending a bit of money soon and change a few bits and pieces. so here is my rolla before i have spent anything. my future plans are bc coilovers, works wheels (or rota replicas depending on my budget), oriciari bodykit. please let me know what you think.
  10. I am also interested in the coilovers if you still have them?
  11. Wow they look awesome on the car. Let me know how it goes at Santa pod as far as acceleration goes.
  12. Was just wondering which size wheels were better for a corolla T sport, I think 17" look better but will the car handle better on 16"?
  13. I'm looking at buying a double din headunit for my t sport found the xtrons td717 it's in my price range and looks really good. Has any one else got one and can give me any advice. Also how much is involved in fitting?
  14. Is this for a facelift or a prefacelift?
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