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  1. so from what i grasp from that thread other than replace the ECU i'm stuck with it lol??
  2. hi all have noticed that my head lights on my 03 t-sport keep going brighter then dimmer as i'm driving not jut a bit but quite alot i thought at first it might be the climate control kicking in but it does it even with everything switched off anyone got any ideas??
  3. oooh and what kinda price would i be looking at for these super beauties??
  4. gits is what they are gits!!! will do is that his profile name om here??
  5. second post in the hour i'm on fire lol will the face lift side skirts and bumpers from later t-sports fit straight onto my 03 plate one or will it be a nightmare?
  6. Hey all!! had my rather super new t-sport a week now and already some git has hit it on tesco car park and knocked the near side fog light surround off and it all messed up and wont go back on can someone tell me the part number and where i can get a new one from cause i'm running out of ideas oh its an 03 plate T-sport if that helps any help would be amazing its gutting to see the beast wounded already
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