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  1. Hi G! Ive been doin nothing for 6 mth and its not gone away! This was a last time trying to get it "fixed".If you look back on my other posts you'll see I had the turbo prob. andit all happened after getting it refurbished. This is a last ditch attempt to fix it before it gose to a breakers yard.Never had a car with so many problems.really fed up with rav4's.
  2. Got some smoke coming from e haust. Goes away after engine warms up, been told that there is a "sealant?" that you can put in with the engine oil, which I have just changed, that expands the seals and cures the prob . Car is still my 2002 ravD4D. Any help would b appreciated.
  3. baz1631

    Glow Plugs?

    Thanks crofter, what dose valve seal replacement entail? dose it cost an arm and a leg? is it an easy/difficult job? I was also oing to replace the fuel filter at the same time
  4. baz1631

    Glow Plugs?

    Hi gentlemen of the rav, I've got a bit of exsess smoke on start-up, but goes away when engine warmed up. Would new glow plugs help cure this,(94000mls!) and if so, dose the ecu need resetting once they're fitted ? Thanking you all ,
  5. PS the d4d has o2 sensrs dosent it? Please excuse the ignorance but I cant find anything on web for a diesel.
  6. No never use the stuff! usually esso or equivalent. But I remember renewing the scv's when I had the turbo trouble, could they maybe losse or dirty with all the s@%÷t thats been going through the engine?
  7. Hello gentlemen of the rav, im back again, and no Bothy, I havent been "inside!"! Anyway, my engine management light has been coming on and has done this tthree times this week.The car goes into limp mode and still runs ok on idle, if switched off and left for a few seconds it will start ok and no EML.. can anyone suggest a cheap/quick fix, or is this gonna be another money nightmare! Thanks guys, BAZ
  8. baz1631

    Oil Leak

    Ha ha velly funy, found the leak (loose nut......silly boy) not la drop of oil spilt! As far as the incontinence gose that'll come soon enough! Dose anyone remember the "flapping "noise I was getting from the engine? Well it turned out to be a crap job of fitting the turbo gaskets! An it coast me £1500! The guys not got a good rep now! Anyway, new garage, re-fitted turbo and gaskets an the rav's running like new ............very happy bunny..........
  9. baz1631

    Oil Leak

    Good afternoon knowledge gents, just thought id pay a wee visit and ask afew questions. .........Again! I've got a slight leak which I believe to be oil coming from somewhere underneath the engine.just had new gasket set fitted to turbo unit, it was leaking slightly befoe fitting new gasket set, im not having to top up any engine oil, car runs and gets up to speed very well. I think it only leals when stopped ( slight oil patch under car when left on drive) oh aye, an bothy.....ahm still alive an kickin,!
  10. Sorry for gatecrashing but mine smokes as well but only when engine cold, and disapears when normal temperature is reached.I was told it might be the injectors!
  11. renewing injectors: are there any prob, in removal of old injectors and refiting new ones? on my 2002 d4d

  12. Hi Anchs, No need to worry! its not a landrover,Its more comfy !!!,Thanx for the post, was begining to think it might be a wheel bearing or worse, I dont think pads are worn down yet but will check again later in the week. PS is there ANY greasing to be done anywhere? what about the drive shaft?
  13. Good afternoon learned gentlemen, doing a wee bit of maintenance this weekend, and want to know if there are any grease points (mainly @ the wheels) I need to check, I've also got a sqeaking front wheel (drivers side ) when full lock is applied and slight noise when travelling in a straight line. Thanks in advance for any tips/advice
  14. Just a thought dose anyone know where I can get a gasket that goes between the turbo & manifold ? and are there any other gaskets on the turbo?
  15. Thought so, the B******s never put one on!!!! now u know why I dont trust garages! Thanks D Rav
  16. Hi again. had a quick look @ the join between the turbo and the manifold and found one of the bolts hadn't been fuuly tightened! and also the other..bolts (3?) needed further tightening! or is there 4? todays question is ,is there meant to be a gasket/sealant between the join?
  17. Hi D.rav! yea ,got the turbo replaced lasi Nov, (intrestingly around that time this b****y flapping noise began!) Will have a look @ all the bolts an see if theres anythin amiss! Thankx for the obvious tip.I lay nder the car and got my son to rev it pretty hard and lo an behold a burst of exhaust fumes came flying oot o' the top part of the exhaust (couldn't see exactly where but it seems /sounds more like a gap in the join rather tha the kind of "putt put t " sound u would get with a hole in the pipe. Will have a closer look @ the week-end!Cheers , and thanx again for ur advice BAZ.................
  18. JUST had a look under the bonnet and saw exhaust coming from around the manifold/turbo/downpipe area! so might not be the cat after all...i think! Anybody know where I can source a new front end down-pipe without going through Mr T ?
  19. Thanx Chris, I only ask these ouestions sp I remove the right part.my H manual shows a pic of 2 cats? and dose'nt say if its petrol or diesel and as I said its not very precise in description, apart from thet I think Dementia is setting in!!. Many thanx for all your expert advice (and everyone else!)Thats what I appreciate about this site.Honesty and sound advice. Something u dont always get from a garage!Cheers gentlemen, and good afternoon
  20. hi C hris how u doin'?, am I right in saying the cat box u refer to is attached to the manifold? or am I looking @ the wrong part? and if so can I remove it without taking off the manifold?sorry for being a nuiusance but the Haynes manual for my car isn't much use! Baz
  21. Please excuse my ignorance of mechanical parts Chris, but is the cat BOX different from the cat converter?
  22. Thax for yer advice gentlemen, I'll get into the cat later in the week and check it out,and hopefully that'll be that! Nearly forgot..................... Goodmorning!
  23. hI again, it usualy happen s when eg: changin down to 2nd going up hill any excess throttle to get more speed up hill and it starts., (the neighbours are getting used to it now!) when getting up speed at about 1500-2000 rpm. Once in higher gear its ok and runs fine till u want to use more throttle. Its simmilar to the noise of a blown exhaust ,the faster u go, the more noise comes out. Hope u can make some sense of this!!!
  24. Tell me bout it! Its nothin' but a money bucket, i certainly wont b gettin another Toyota, thts for sure.If its the dmf Iget it done an' thats it.......................NO MORE!
  25. HI CHRIS, its a 2002 5door model (much to Bothys disgust!).apart from that, there is also a h*** of a "flapping "noise when accellerating but seems to dissapear for a wee while after a long run of about 50-60 mls then returns with normal town driving. (i only do about 20-25 mls aday!) and most of it in 3rd or 4th gear.
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