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  1. I like your arguments guys, but the Land Cruiser still gets my vote. Think back to the snow earlier this year when everyone was "marooned" - not Land Cruiser drivers - they had the freedom of the road.
  2. Is it the girlfriend or carpet that's not found in the Aygo!
  3. Interesting I'm looking at one of those.It is the Sprinter & is a 1.3, 89k on the clock & 92 vintage in mint order. Only seen the photos yet but has NCT=MOT till next year Mine is a 1.6 & I'm wondering how it is for speed & power in comparison. A mechanic friend said "It wouldn't pull you out of a paper bag" I'm used to a good response when I floor it What the comfy feel of a quality carpet :D Soft on the girlfriend's bare rear Never to be found in an Aygo
  4. If you don't believe me about the Land Cruiser, then read this http://www.carjourno.co.uk/?page_id=1819 I rest my case!!
  5. Ok - it seems they've been around since the invention of the wheel and have seen buying trends move from gas guzzling monsters to the everso eco-friendly hybrids. But, given a choice, what Toyota would you drive? As a motoring journalist, with several test drive reviews at www.carjourno.co.uk I have been lucky enough to try most of them out. For me, I love that Land Cruiser - you can throw heaven and earth in its path and it's not put out in the least. What about you?
  6. Hey Cliff - great choice. The RAV4 is certainly one of my favourites. If you want to read a review or compare the spec on them, check out my motoring website at www.carjourno.co.uk You should be able to compare all the mpg, 0-62 times and warranties etc. There's even a dealer on there offering to match any price with free delivery. As far as costs go, the RAV really holds its value well, so a new or neaerly new one is a great investment... in my opinion. Happy shopping!
  7. Let's build a car then. I'll start with the Toyota badge Your go
  8. It seems to me that everyone but those with a grudge to bear gives their full support to Toyota. I asked a number of current owners what their next car would be and there was simply no question - a Toyota. I was lucky enough to test out the Prius for my website www.carjourno.co.uk during the "crisis" and it was a brilliant car. If you don't believe me, read the review. It was certainly much better than some of the heaps of junk I have has the "pleasure" of testing out!
  9. Hi all, I'm new to this forum, but as a motoring journalist I really think Toyota has been the victim of a media witch-hunt. There are dozens of vehicles recalled for safety reasons every year, yet they make very few column inches in our national press. Enter the Prius and it's like the world has come to an end. In my opinion, Toyota is almost a victim of its own success, which is wrong, but the company is fighting back. I have loved all the Toyotas I have driven and if you're interested you can read any reviews on my lovely new website www.carjourno.co.uk Keep fighting Toyota!
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