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  1. This would be utopia if Mr T could build one, its always been a great engine over the years good on fuel, very driveable with the turbo torque and tuneable if required . Nice all rounder the Superb Thanks It's a fallacy to say that VAG hold Skoda back to previous generation technology, they have dictated that the next model Superb will be smaller because it's stealing sales away from Passat's and A4's. Even my Mid range SE Plus is massivley specced as stock, Alacantara Upholstery / Twindoor boot system / Full Electric seats / Columbus SatNav / Premium Bluetooth / interior ambient lighting, illuminated door handles / leccy folding mirrors / 4 plane lumbar support (Goes up and down as well as out and in, we are not all the same size after all) and the list goes on. I sometimes think that Toyota invests so much in Hybrid technology at the expense of further development of it's diesels and petrols. I liked plenty of things about my T27 when I had it, apart from the build quality, it's not indicative of Toyota as a whole, but mine was not assembled, it was thrown together from a distance and between DPF issues (I don't drive in town, just thrashed it up and down the motorway to work) Park brake failures and rattles / squeaks it's put me off for life. The facelift looks good though, big improvement in the looks from the front, now they need to stick a Light Pressure turbo on the 1.8 petrol, that would be nice. On my 2.0 D4D I did get slightly better MPG once I popped the K&N in (again checking Brim to Brim and using fuelly), looking at the standard filter, it was a wonder any air made it in at all :) The Avensis was a fantastic motorway plodder though, comfortable and stable, mine was just plagued by faults. I'm thinking about looking for an 03 on MR2 to replace my current MX-5, which would be nice :)
  2. On another note, I still have a Brodit Pro clip phone mount for a T27 and a virtually new K&N Panel filter for the same 2.0D4D engine going cheap :) :)
  3. I guess there's lot's of variables, and Parkers seems to have a few figures up in the air, but the PD140 of the OP's Vintage was different from the 2009 facelift model in a number of different ways. Little things like no spare wheel, the PD140 was a heavy lump mated with a 6 speed box. I have had a PD140 Elegance with a DSG and looking back through my old fuelly records it was hitting around 43-44mpg as average, but I never drive with economy in mind. My old T27 2.0 D4D was averaging about the same. Strangely though, my current big old Superb, with it's custom remapped 1.8TSi Petrol Engine is doing 42.9 on a run (Brim to Brim) punt's out over 210BHP and over 360NM of Torque. The New 2.0 CR Elegance Octavia Hatch is quoted on the Skoda site as having a 1320KG Kerb Weight and the Toyota Brochure for the T27 of the op's Vintage is quoting 1490kg, from the skoda archive / briskoda / skoda brochure for a 2006 Elegance 2.0 PD140 Elegance Saloon 6sp manual has a Kerb weight of 1465kg. Newer Octy's are lighter, because of some of the factors mentioned above (Lighter materials / lighter engine / no spare wheel etc), so I put my hands up to say quoting parkers was wrong, so I was wrong, but the actual weight of the Octy in question is much closer to the T27 Avensis. Having owned an Octy PD140 DSG (2007 model, pre facelift) I'm certain that was around 1500KG Kerbweight with the DSG (I Have the brochure at home so will check)
  4. It's not mate, the PD140 Elegance Octavia is heavier than the Avensis T27 2/0 D4D, 45KG heavier :-) Skoda have access to all the latest Engines and my 1.8TSi engine appeared on the Superb before it did on the A3 and Golf / Jetta / Passat. Where are you getting your values from? http://www.parkers.co.uk/cars/reviews/facts-and-figures/toyota/avensis/saloon-2009/53414/ http://www.parkers.co.uk/cars/reviews/facts-and-figures/skoda/octavia/hatchback-2004/28247/
  5. It's not mate, the PD140 Elegance Octavia is heavier than the Avensis T27 2/0 D4D, 45KG heavier :-) Skoda have access to all the latest Engines and my 1.8TSi engine appeared on the Superb before it did on the A3 and Golf / Jetta / Passat.
  6. Must have been a while back with the Samsung phones then :-) The SGS2 is Android as is the Desire and Desire HD. Back on topic, you should not have any problems with the Desire HD because it's the same OS (Android 2.2 Froyo) and the same hardware save for the larger screen. It should be a fairly safe bet imho.
  7. When I had my Prius with the same Nav unit, my HTC desire worked fine with it for bluetooth streaming. I ran it with several different ROM's as well as the phone was routed. My wife had a Motorola running android and it streamed music without any issues as well. I think you should be pretty safe. Desire HD is knocking on a bit now though, why not something like a Galaxy S2?
  8. Parts King aka Kingo aka John from Lindops will sort you out. He got all my bit's n bob's for me and is a nice bloke to do business with.
  9. So an Avensis grille is pretty? that's the blandest bit of the cars design, Toyota got it so right with the T27 from most angles with things like the flared arches but then spoilt it with a squishy bland grille. My old PD140 with DSG was remapped and had other subtle tweaks and ran 205 bhp & 410nm Torque for 66k miles over years and the current owner is up to 102k miles with no major issues. My Avensis had park brake failures (Plural), a DPF failure, squeaks and rattles, and plenty of other niggles that led me to get rid of it, not at all what I expected from what is supposedly one of the most reliable brands in the world. Skoda's are more than just good cars, bang for bucks I don't think you can beat them. I was in an E-Class merc taxi in Copenhagen today, the interior materials where not as good as my superb. I'm getting 41mpg out of my 1.8TSi (Petrol) on a run to work in Scotland averaging 66mph (over a 420 mile journey), the EA88 engine is a short stroke 2.0 TSi engine so it's silent at low rev's, chain driven cams and will rev to 7k if needed. Mine has a custom remap taking it to 220bhp and 360ish nm torque. Willy banging apart, people should get over the badge and test drive one, you will even find that the dealers know what they are selling and servicing (search for Gen 3 Prius oil for example). My experience was marred by a bad Avensis and a lacklustre, bordering on negligent dealer.
  10. Skoda Superb 2 Estate :-) 20% VAT Free promotion on on new ones at the moment as well. My Current Superb 2 SE Plus knocks the spots of my 2010 Avensis TR for Equipment levels, and with the current deals was just under £20k for the 1.8 TSi. Build quality and material quality is also in a different league, and I got 3 free service vouchers, which with servicing every 20k cover me for around 3 years. I am a Skoda Fanboy though having had A Fabia vRS, Octavia vRS, Superb L&K, Octavia 2.0 PD140 DSG before dipping into Toyota's briefly with a Prius that was a fantastic car, but not for me with my mileage, and an Avensis 2.0 D4D TR, which was a pig, a pup, a shonky piece of crap that I am so glad to see the back of.
  11. The T27 TR with the TNS510 Nav head unit 100% does not support it mate, However the The T27 without the TNS510 Nav unit (2009 model) Does support it. Toyota "upgraded" the TR with the TNS510 Nav unit for MY2010 and it lost voice dialing, you have to do virtually all phone related stuff from the touchscreen itself.
  12. T4 Premium system is totally different from the TNS510 in the TR mate.
  13. Sorry to say, but no, it's not possible I had a long battle with Toyota over this after my salesman "confirmed" it worked then when I picked my 2010 up last year found it did not. The dealer removed the wheel as they thought it should be working and checked but the button is not wired to anything and the TNS510 head unit does not support voice dialing. It seems a batch of cars may well have left the factory with the wrong wheel fitted
  14. I still have the HID Kit and the K&N filter available if anyone is interested, along with the Avensis and Prius Brodit Pro-Clips. Cheers Fluff
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