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  1. Explain yourself sir raistlin?!
  2. Tried to be polite earlier, and say thanks for the welcome and i'm going ahead for definate with the car now etc etc... and posted it to myself. oh well...... bet you're glad i'm a member of your club!
  3. Hi again everyone, Thanks for the welcome and the heads up on the car (sera) am going to go ahead with getting it and am looking forward to me and the old girl having some fun together. particularly trying to open the doors in car parks! Cas
  4. A nice one! I've only ever had bombs before, and never heard of these sera's until a cupla. months ago! I'm a ludite when it comes to cars. Also forums, owners clubs........,computers,did I mention cars.....! X
  5. Sorry for asking a question on the introduction site. I'm having one of those days! I'm just abit nervous about owning a car like this, and with my luck somethings bound to go magnificently wrong! ANYWAY, Hello all and I hope you're having a good evening cas
  6. Hi everyone I'm getting my new sera ('h' reg auto) in the next couple of days. I just wondered what you think of the deal i've got, as I don't know wheather its a good one for the year of the car. it's got 60,000 miles from new is automatic, and the lady's asked me for £800. Is this a good buy? cas