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  1. Not surprised that HJ likes it to be honest - think the quote about appealing to those that don’t care what others think and want 400k mileage sits with me quite well- my LS400 is on nearly 300k and is not exactly something that impresses others which suits me just fine.
  2. Thanks yes I too will be interested. I have been looking at a 2009 LS600h too which is obviously a lot cheaper and I have driven it and it’s lovely but I like the idea of something more modern accepting that dropping from 8 to 4 cylinders and to cvt will be different. Tech obviously a lot newer but I’m not mad about the tech anyway- I expect it will do double my current mpg and the way my work mileage works I will potentially be £300 pm better off - man maths at its finest! I don’t expect the drive to be as creamy smooth as the LS especially when pressing on but with the volume of traffic and speed cameras etc I don’t do expect to be pressing on very often. I will let you know how it compares when I have a test drive.
  3. Have popped into my local dealer twice over the past week or so, they have a Excel for demo and a Design in the showroom. I'm contemplating buying one to replace my Lexus LS400 which is now almost 21 years old - I have owned it for the past 16 years and I see the Camry as something I could buy now and use for work in the next two to three years before I retire and then keep running for hopefully as long as the LS has been going for. Not driven the demo yet but the interior was a nice place to be. Just thinking about if and when I go ahead, MOT on the LS due in three months time which could be a good time to make a decision to either go for the Camry then or keep the LS for another year and keep saving for the Camry. Have also looked at the Lexus ES but am fairly certain the Camry will be the one I go for.