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  1. Hello im Benny Ive got a Toyota Celica 5th GEN ST182 Which i am currently adding a turbo too (hense my handle) I started modifying my car in October 2003 and so far I have added. K & N Induction Kit Pagid Performance Brake Pads Pi 35mm Lowering Springs 17" Smiths Wheels Avon ZZ3 250/40/17 I have a 7.2" DVD Screen and Mini Dvd player Turbo Boost Guage and Oil Gage (ready for the turbo convo) Silver dash ****y old red steering wheel (replacing very soon with a balck and silver one) 1000 Watt amp 2 x 15" VRX Subs MTX 5" 2 -Ways in Front Infinity 6 x 9's in the rear Sony Cd Player mounted in glovebox Red door cards and boxes full of turbo parts which are in the process of being fitted. I hope you guys like my car! Its still in the early stages! My Interior stage 1. Nice pic from the office window! It was the only space left! My subs, I rebuilt the boot to be on big box and scraped the parcel shelf. These look much better in natraul light but im not a photographer. 1 of my wheels, Before they all got curbed ;) Benny
  2. Ive found the answer to my own question! Also known as the 02 sensor. This is located under the car on top of the exhaust behind the engine block near the bulk head. Any other comments plaease let me know! Benny
  3. The rev limiter is set at 7000 rpm. You shouldnt hit the limiter this will slow u down quite a bit. Change just before the limiter cuts in.
  4. I know of this problem. The Cold start sensor is the green pug located on the water housing below the throttle body. Replacing this should fix your problem the car will start better and this should sort your idle out. Out of curiousity do the revs pic up after time and does it ever idle to high. Thist part should cost around £50 from a main dealer or you could visit www.fensport.co.uk. Hope this is of some help! Benny
  5. I need help locating the Lambda/Oxy Sensor on the 5th gen celica I swear i havent got one. And im failing emmissions quite badly.
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