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  1. Id agree with this, i try and DIY everything, but the exhuast was a !Removed! pain to do.
  2. Hi Everyone, Im selling the run around that I have had for the last 6 months. Dont need it as got my seat out of the garage. Its a N reg, It has MOT until september, and TAX until August. Its a cracking little car which Iv actually grow fond of! I've had it about 10,000 miles and its had abolutely no problems (and the oil is still golden!). The last owner said it got throi Will put pictures up later if anyone is interested!
  3. Hey guys! finally got internet. At work atm but will be browsing forums later :D Im selling loads a stuff on ebay. including my toyota racing jacket.. http://shop.ebay.co.uk/merchant/Moffmo_W0Q...ipgZ50QQ_sopZ12
  4. Not to be a party pooper but Xscape is getting a bit boring and there are too many gypos! :o :P - i dont know about most people but i used to love the old northern meets where we would rock up at a country pub somewhere, have dinner - go for a drive down winding country roads then do a photoshoot or whatever we used to do to pass the rest of the afternoon. Maybe we should do a poll? Teegs x best meet ever was scarborough "mini meet" photoshoot. We had an awesome drive!
  5. Pretty sure you dont have to take the bushes off!
  6. Selling my samsung armani phone. It is boxed but it is missing the headphones and leather case. The phone itself has a few stratches on the side of the front of the phone. I am selling as it has a ridulously weak signal inside my house. (seems to be fine everywhere else!) - I have sent the phone for repair just in case there was something wrong with the ariel or something and there isnt. Selling for £150 ono. Thanks for looking Matt Looking to buy a DS lite so you could part exchange that if you want. Also looking to buy a motorola z10...
  7. I am selling a tall fridge freezer for £10. It has marks in the freezer where my !Removed! mate tried to defrost it with a knife.. and fridge needs a new light. Just had to get rid for a built in Fridge Freezer. Washing machine - £30 3-4 year oldish hotpoint. Still works perfectly. Just had to get rid for a built in washing machine. Dishwasher - £80 forgotten make atm. It works great (better than the one I have now :@) Again had to get rid for one that was inbuilt. I can (I think) Deliver the washing machine and dishwasher at the cost of £1 a mile. Thanks for looking. Matt
  8. I caught one last week EXACTLY like that. It was massive!!!! Same size body probably but longer legs i reckon. Me and the GF were saying to each other. DID YOU SEE THAT MONSTER?! WE HAVE A MONSTER!! :P
  9. Jesus what a joke. Iv Signed it
  10. So are you going now? Blimey and i thought i was indecisive :P ;) I never said I wasn't going to TOC Camp I'm not going to JAE.... you must mean that hun ;) Mental note: Lee must listen to Em in future..... as if that'll happen :lol: i'll start listening to you when we are both 30 ;) Not long to go then :P
  11. Channel 4 and Sky have been doing it for ages. Still lacking subtitle support tho
  12. Cheers guys. Graduated yesterday too! What a day.
  13. Youll be a tax payer eventually! just click it anyway :P
  14. Best looking for me is AE86 and MK1 mr2 :D
  15. awesome. roads in germany look really good. How much did it cost you being "just a passenger"
  16. Its under warranty. www.samsungrepairs.net They will do it for free under warranty - I have a phone there currently under repair. Same thing as you, touch screen just doesnt work anymore.
  17. Are reaction lenses the ones that turn dark in the sun?
  18. Where the heck have you been? Is it the same celica? lol skydive eh? Im hoping to do one when iv lost a few pounds :)
  19. yum apart from the mushrooms :P Ill be round in a couple of seconds lol
  20. try cleaning the MAF sensor, if its really dirty it could cause the engine to run leaner..?
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