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  1. Just to say thanks for your replies, Enjoying having no roof at the moment. I must admit that I do not miss about the IQ is the potholes. (In the UK we have many) It semed to me that any speed over 30 mph, the front and rear wheels hit the pothole at the same time, making a jarring ride in some cases. The VW Golf is quite sedate in comparison, but as time goes on maybe a change of shocks (dampers) and a litlle ECU chipping might make up for the yahoo !! moments in the IQ that the Golf does not quite have. Only to add ""Rats !!" maybe should have waited for the GT86 softtop ! Rgds
  2. Hello and Goodbye. Having been an IQ3 cvt owner for a 3 years and lurking and occasionally contributing to the forum, I am afraid it is time to move on. Before going some quick comments on IQ3 ownership; Plus side; Great little car with loads of personality, easy to drive, given you have a metre space in front of you, it is possible to pull a u-ee out of queuing traffic ;-) (mind the cyclists !), nothing has gone wrong, nothing has fallen off, and comfortable to drive. The amount the car holds when the rear seats are down just amazes me, speed and acceleration surprise some other drivers at times. Great feeling when you can just get in behind another car on the box junctions, were others would have to wait and usually miss the lights changing. Negatives; Not a lot, most irritating thing was trying to find the mirror folding switch in the dark, you would have thought it was backlit !! MPG about 42mpg the way we drive it, more on longer runs. That comes as no surprise considering most motor manufacturers are lying b@@tards when it comes to quoting mpg. Only fitted extras were DRLs. Love or hate them, I felt that the dark car appearing out of shadow on a road, gives some warning to others. Thanks to the forum guys for pointers in fitting them. Reason for change, Size and its got a top ! Plan A was to keep the IQ and get a Caterham. (Ohhhhhh yes !) Unfortunately common sense (aka the Wife) prevailed and have ended up with a ex demo Golf Cabriolet with seats for growing grand children. Even Mr T could not match that with the GT86. At least the roof comes down. The Iq is on its way for P/X. So anyone wanting a 10,000 mile (just under), now in forth year IQ3 auto, speak out quick ! (Location West Sussex UK) Adieu & farewell Rgds
  3. tonyishuk

    Cycle Carrier

    Interesting reply regarding towbar fittings for the IQ, and a range of prices ??? Please keep us posted on the type approval as having a towball would be very useful for me to use the IQ to move its own car trailer when at home or on a campsite. Parking up a trailer with a m/home takes more skill than I have got ;-) Rgds
  4. tonyishuk

    Iq Roof Rack

    Plan B ?? A Thule flat towbar rack and a Thule IQ "Not a Towbar" Fitting Mr T says that the Thule "Not a towball" fitting, can be fitted and does not affect the IQ warranty Rgds
  5. tonyishuk

    Cycle Carrier

    19 May 2013 Posted this on a couple of threads, so that UK owners are aware. I asked Mr T's Customer Service about fitting a Thule ""Towbar"" fitting to an IQ and was told there is no problem and does not affect the warranty. (Thule towbar fitting is not to be used for towing but can be used for towball mounted bike racks only) Rgds
  6. 19 May 2013 Posted this on a couple of threads, so that UK owners are aware. I asked Mr T's Customer Service about fitting a Thule ""Towbar"" fitting to an IQ and was told there is no problem and does not affect the warranty. (Thule towbar fitting is not to be used for towing but can be used for towball mounted bike racks only) Rgds
  7. This lnk might be of interest, It is page 5 of a longish thread, but somewhere in this page, there is a download pdf of ""Wot I Did"" DRLs are still working, have not fallen out, but the relay sometimes only switches on one DRL, so as matter of routine I just turn the side lights on and off, as this resets the relay. Rgds
  8. The IQ fuel guage is not the most sophisticated bit of kit, a wooden dip pole would be more accurate. From memory (on average our IQ3 auto will do about 300 miles to a tankful (or full tank) the flashing bar has occured from a range of 90 miles left in the tank to 170 !! on average about 130 miles left in the tank. Depends how brave you are once you notice the flashing bar appear and how many miles have passed before you saw the flashing bar. Rgds
  9. tonyishuk


    Hi Sensha Thanks for your reply. DRLs seem to fall into two camps. hate or love them ! I do ask myself if they need to be as bright and ornate as some are becoming. From fancy Landrover headlights to Pegueot vertical strips. Something sensible to show up a vehicle when the driver has not put the lights on either through ignorance, stupidity or forgetfulness would be quite adequate. That said, the DRLs on my m/home seem to have more of an effect than on the IQ. Its maybe that other drivers see a m/home and think it is slower moving than a car, but with DRLs on the m/home they tend to look twice and wait. Rgds
  10. tonyishuk


    Just an update as the DRLs have been in place for six months or so. ++ IQ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ All working as they should, sort of. One unit occasionaly does not light up, but turning the side light switch on then off turns it on. Just got into the habit of flicking the side lights on and off, after starting the IQ and all is fine until next startup. ++ M/Home +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The identical units and relay on the m/home are more probmatical. (I did not return the unit, but thought I would test it out See previous replies to thread) The DRLs do /will not auto light when the engine starts, but will light when the side lights are turned on and off. Similar to the IQ, just a matter of getting into the habit of flicking the lights after starting. When the M/home is not in use, the vehicle battery is connected to a Ctek maintence charger. When the voltage is high the DRLs will light up until the voltage falls back to normal standing. What is strange is that the engine on tickover is the same voltage as the charger but the DRLs do not light, unless sidelights are turned on/off. I am re-wiring the supply for the DRLs to a circuit which is live when the engine is running, so the problem of neighbours knocking on the door at night telling me my lights are on will cease. (Hopefully) Rgds
  11. Would be worth raising the issue with garage and Mr T. A number of companies are sending out these cash cards in the post. There is no security on the cards so the senders may just as well stuff the envelope full of cash. Saying you did not receive the card, does not seem to work. Suggested to Panasonic that sending the equivalent of cash through the post, was their liability, not mine, and I would be raising the matter with Trading Standards as the cashback was part of the offer, as yet unforefilled. Rgds
  12. tonyishuk

    Power Spikes

    Voltages seem Ok, I had a dash board camera which was powered via a usb cable and 12V charger. Not sure how yours is connected but the arrangement suffered from cables moving in the sockets however I tried to secure them (Velcro to araldite).(Or dry joints in the`circuits ?) In the end I purchased a Roadhawk dash cam which has a buffered input, no problems since ! Rgds 14.2 Volts or so would indicate to me a starting charge for a battery or a battery that might be low in capacity due to insufficent charging whilst on shortish runs. Volts will drop to about 13 to 13.5 on normal running.
  13. Its all part of the depreciaton "U" graph. The pre loved value drops like a stone over the first few years ownership until the value reaches a level that depreciation year on year is flat., then climbs as the car becomes a classic. I rather fancied a TR4-4A, again ! having had one in my formative years, Value now is about £30,000 for a good one !, I sold mine for £299 way back then ! Wonder if the Iq will go the same way ? Rgds
  14. Gets slightly better when you get a few more miles on the clock, but that said our IQ3 CVT turns in about the same mpg. With the CVT, you can feather back the throttle and "feel" the gearbox pick up the torque, and accelarate using the torque. If you flat foot the engine, it just spins up uses more fuel and you get there no quicker. If its Manual, obviously does not apply Rgds