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  1. I am not sure if this is the right forum to post this. (Modulator please feel free to move it to where ever you think is appropriate). But just a reminder for fellow drivers to be aware of these thugs operating in public car parks. I almost fell victim to them but luckily they thought they had bigger fish to fry. What happened was, I parked my Yaris at my local supermarket carpark at around 7pm after work, spent half an hour shopping and went back to my car. When I tried to move off, my steering wheel felt very sticky and there was some strange sound coming from my right front wheel. I pulled off immediately and found that the tyre was completely inflated, I was really surprised as it was perfectly find all day with any abnormal sign. At this point, I could not see any sharp object sticking to the tyre at all but the dust cap of the valve and it looked a bit loose. 'Immediately', a 'good Samaritan' in a silver car stopped by and offered help. He claimed he works for a garage and he could check the tyre for me. I told him that I've got the tools and spare tyre that I could manage, but he insisted to help. He went over to check for punctures (obviously nothing), and before I pulled out my pump, he already had his from his boot. He tried to inflate the tyre but couldn't, claiming that the valve is faulty. At this stage, I still insisted that I would simply put on the spare and would take care of it later, or call AA. He then offered to have fixed but I refused. He did helped me to put the spare on but he kept on insisting that it was not safe to use the spare wheel (what the heck!). He miserably drove off at this point, and I was lucky that he actually let me off. Thankfully he was a one man band and not a band of thugs, otherwise I would not be able to take off that easily. But I guess by the time when he saw all the tools in my boot that he realised that it would not be an easy target to him. When I got back to my garage, I found out that this low life actually loosen the valve stem, that was why when I tried inflating it the air did not hold. I am not sure if this is a new type of scam but if it happens to my girlfriend or old couples, this man would have been successful. Just wonder if anyone has experienced anything similar.
  2. Justhandguns

    Mmt Gearbox Yet Again Flashing N In Drive Positions

    I would say it is a very common problem for the early generations of MMT. You will probably find even more threads from the Aygo. Few independent garages are will to deal with it due to the extensive work that has to be done. i.e. changing the actuator, maybe clutch as well, and most importantly reprogramme the gearbox ECU.
  3. Justhandguns

    Sweaty Socks.

    Oh, environmental-wise, I meant petrol, not the leakage of compressor coolant. If I understand the mechanism of the air-con thermostats correctly, when you turn it on during winter time, the cooling compressor will still be constantly on, the temperature is basically controlled by mixing the engine heat and the cooling coils, if this is true, that it simply does not make sense to turn on your air-con in cooler months? Please correct me if I am wrong.
  4. Justhandguns

    Sweaty Socks.

    The smell is coming from the condensation of water on the cooling coils inside the air-con. Remember some of us do not have the climate/temperature control, so turning the air-con on all year round is not really practical and not very environmental friendly. Not advised in my opinion. Best way to get rid of the smell is to open some windows, blast your air-con at max for a few minutes. Also buy one of those air-wick freshener thing, it helps. I tried anti-bacterial/fugal sprays as well, the smell came back after a few days.
  5. Justhandguns

    Yaris 1.0 to 1.5 engine swap

    Is that easier if you swap the body panels to your damaged 1.5 chassis than swapping the engines? Just my 2cents.
  6. Justhandguns

    Hook up taillights to front DRLs?

    In the UK, where roads are narrow, usually with cars parked at the sides, DLR is actually very useful when you know that on coming cars are actually moving. The idea is a bit like the small power-on LEDs on your electronic devices so people would know when they are on or off. I understand your dislike of DLRs because some car makers (especially the Germans....) like to make their DLRs very elaborated and bright, and unlike the main beams, they are not dipped. But I still find DLRs a good function on the new cars.
  7. Justhandguns

    2009 Yaris MMT does not drive, gear indicator missing

    It's getting very technical.... When you got the car, besides from 'conditioning' the actuator, did they mention anything about the MMT ECU?
  8. Justhandguns

    Use of premium petrol.

    I am not sure if it helps with the spark plugs, but it does help for some parts like the gearbox and certain valves in the car. Imagine how many times you use the 5th (or even 6th) gear while you drive in town.
  9. Justhandguns

    MMT Semi Automatic Questions

    Still a Toyota though!
  10. Justhandguns

    Semi auto gearbox problem

    This is a very very common issue when the actuator wears out, be it on Aygo and Yaris. It is going to cost you if you want to replace it.
  11. Justhandguns

    Mmt Gearbox Yet Again Flashing N In Drive Positions

    Sounds like a combination of both the clutch wearing out and actuator getting old. What is the mileage of your car, has the clutch disk ever been changed? Do you also find the car has less power than before the shifting problem started?
  12. Justhandguns

    Mmt Gearbox Yet Again Flashing N In Drive Positions

    Sounds like the familiar problem with the old MMT gearbox. If you search around in the Aygo forum, there is a long list of threads describing the same problem that you have. I sold my old 107/Aygo for the same reason. The problem may come from several places of the MMT gearbox. 1. the actuator, 2. the wearing of the clutch 3. The MMT ECU, 4 the gearbox itself 5. Your battery is dying. You simply cannot stop for a few minutes in the traffic just to restart it, it gave me tremendous amount of stress while I was on the road the the car. From what I read from other owners' experiences, changing the whole actuator + clutch unit might fix the problem, but it will eventually comes back because of the wear and tear.
  13. Justhandguns

    7 speed CVT tansmission

    I think CVT also has transmission fluid? Probably you don't need to change it as often? It is certainly not 'dry'.
  14. Justhandguns

    CVT Paddle Shifters

    I seldom use the flappy paddles..... In D mode, if you start flipping the paddles, it will switch to the semi mode. If you want to have more engine brake downhill (which the CVT should automatically detects heavy brakings and speed?), downshift by flipping the -ve (left) paddle. I can't quite remember how you go back to the full auto mode, what I did before was to shift the gear stick to M and then back to D. Someone corrects me if I am wrong.
  15. Justhandguns

    Steel rims lighter than alloys?

    Yes, steel rims are sometime slighter than the alloys. There are so many grades of alloys used for wheels anyway, some probably have higher aluminium content, some less, some are cast and some are forged (better I think?). I am sure there are many experts around here can tell you about the details. So the so-called alloy wheels don't necessarily be lighter, they are just made to look better than the steel ones. I am currently with Toyota Insurance, I am pretty sure that they specifically state Toyota factory alloys in my contract. Where as when I had my old Peugeot, they couldn't care less.