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  1. Hi, Someone crashed my front bumper last week and refused to admit his fault, since there is no witness... I am most likely have to pay for a new bumper myself :( Since there is no IQ selling locally and I am going to Germany next month, I am thinking might as well to get a set of IQ body kit, at least the front bumper piece from Germany. Anyone know if there is any good one selling in Germany? I know Germany manufacture real good IQ lower spring... not sure about bodykit tho.
  2. The seller will only sell the remotes with the ECU and lock for 300pounds :*( But I don't really need the ECU and lock lol
  3. Thanks David, that damaged IQ on ebay is very useful :) By the way I am not concern about my car being stolen. The key was stolen about 700km away from my car... and even if the key was stolen right next to my car, I don't think the car thief will consider stealing it because my car is quite unique here... I am pretty sure I am the only one with that model and colour in my city lol.
  4. At the moment I am also trying to negotiate with Toyota in China... god knows they might be selling them in half price :P
  5. Thanks for the testing David, as well as the input from everyone else :) I don't have full insurance for my car, tried to claim the key alone with other items through home content but they won't accept it :( My best bet will be waiting for someone to crash their IQ (Sorry to say that!) and put their IQ key on ebay. Or hoping these people will check the forum then we can negotiate the price for their remote lol.
  6. Thanks David... wonder if I can get a 2nd hand remote somewhere... and code it for my IQ...
  7. As title, someone broke into my gf's car and stole my bag along with my IQ keyless remote/key. Got a quote from Mr.T last week and I was shocked as they are charging me 700pounds for the transponder remote + key cut + labor to set it up. Anyone know what I can do to make it cheaper? I am wondering if any transponder remote will work on IQ and if I can do the setup myself. Certainly it will be great if I can get the remote outside that look exactly the same as the factory default one...
  8. BarryIQ

    Paint Job

    I have quoted for a matt black wrap and it will cost 1000 and is only guarantee to last for 3 years :(
  9. BarryIQ

    Paint Job

    Thinking to do a paintjob for my IQ in matt black. Got a quote from a local car painter and saying the paint job will cost 750 for just the exterior and 1250 to paint both interior and exterior. The price does not include the paint and I have to provide my own paint and protection spray. Any of you know roughly how many paints will I need for such a small car? How much is the paint + protection coating going to cost? And it the price is alright?
  10. BarryIQ

    Ecu Remap

    Have anyone done a ECU remap for their IQ? Did you do a performance or economy upgrade? Hows the effect? Are you satisfy?
  11. Wider wheel provide more 'hold' to the road and therefore safer rite?
  12. So is there a problem of balancing shaft?... It should be Mr.T's fault isnt it?
  13. I agree with you. What about the weight of the wheels? Generally small rims + bigger tyre combo are lighter than bigger rims with smaller tyre.
  14. After reading some posts, I have realised most people suffer a slight MPG loss after upsizing their wheel from 15"/16" to 17"/18". I am seriously considering to down size my wheel for the better ride quality and I also wish to know if downsizing to something such as 13"/14" will provide an observable benefit to MPG. Did anything try downsizing the wheel of their IQ? If you notice any improvement in MPG? Anyone know what is the smallest rim size that will fit into our IQs?
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