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  1. Actually i have no idea what bulbs you can use but i'm sure that there is NO room to change the bulb. I have try it several times and you have to believe me that it is hard.... especially the (i think) right one..... It's not impossible but it is hard... especially when you want to close it.... When i asked a technician about how they change them he told me that they take out all the "light" part (i don't know the word)
  2. Thanks for your advice.. Finally it was one of the engine "base"..... and the manifold... They changed it and everything is perfect now Thanks again for your help....
  3. I had (i think) the same problem especially when i was accelerating and i visit several service centers. Finally the last diagnosis was the left engine base..... They changed it and now is brand new.... I also had a vibration under the car and they told me that it was (i dont know the engllish word) the thing that connects the excaust with the katalyst... I think its called manifold... they changed it as well Hope that helps....
  4. Thanks fow your reply.... (dissapointed that there is no other with the same problem) what do you mean by "on full lock" ? Thanks again...
  5. Hi to all, I have the following problem the last year with my 2003 avensis... If i'm stopped and i accelerate i hear a ticking sound (possibly) from left front... This doesn't happen again unless i stop suddenly and i accelerate again... Additionally to this i have a rattling sound when I accelerate with 2nd gear in a small hill... I've been to service a couple of times they change some parts but this keeps happening..... Any Idea?? Thanks in advance,......
  6. I had the same problem 2 years ago.. (I'm in fourth year) Suddenly all lights came up...... I switch off the car and back on and everything was ok.... I went to dealer they checked the "controller" and didn't find anything.... untill now i have no problem ........ I wish your problem to be just as mine.... nothing at all...
  7. thanks for your reply.. of course the car wash people are responsible but what can you do if they say... "OK... I'm sorry......" for me.... you can't do nothing, just like i did... (maybe I'm stupid but...) anyway. I don't think that I'll find a solution..... btw i have seen that there are (for some cars) additional (second trademark) console covers... have you seen something like this in your area / country for avensis?? Thanks anyway.....
  8. Hi, I have the following problem.. some weeks ago i went my car in a carwash Unfortunatelly when they finished they put the ambi pur (the one used for nice smell) upside down and the liquid fall on the center console (the stereo part) as a result the color of the stereo console went off. Do you think that the warranty can cover it?? Will they replace the stereo if i say that it happen when i was sweeping (towel) it?? thanks in advance...
  9. I have the same problem.... 2004 avensis.. I went to my dealer (greece) and he agreed to paint it again with no money. everything under warranty.... The problem with rust is only at the right back door.... and some small color changing at the left back door...
  10. thanks for your answer.... even if it was not good ...
  11. In some cars there is the ability to leave one of the left-right ligths (frond and back) on when parking in an open place in order to be viewed by others.... I know that in ford you can do this by leaving one of the turn lights on when the engine is off... does anyone knows how i can do this in avensis 2003? thanks in advance P.S. I asked for this again and i had no answer.. Sorry for repeating the question
  12. paman

    Sat Nav

    I got i-mate JasJar Pocket PC (mobile phone as well) with Destinator Works perfect to me... (because no maps are available for greece for the moment from toyota) Actually i think there is no need to buy nothing more than a portable Navigation system like the one i described previously.. A pocket PC (no need to be a mobile also) and one of the GPS software available. TOM-TOM Destinator etc
  13. OK!!! You're right.... That's what i'm talking about.... I've been changing the right one 3 times till now...!!!
  14. Hi, Thanks for your reply.... I'll try to explain what i mean because my english doesn't allow me to talk about car's (poor vocabulary) The car's machine hangs on 4 (or two) places, which i call base, It's the places where the machine is tight with the car body hope this helps.. Thanks for your time
  15. Hi to anyone, do you know if there are lexus like lights (transparent) for avensis 2003??? I'm from greece but i have no problem if i have to order 'em through internet... And one more question does anyone have a phone number to contact Toyota in UK?? or any e-mail ??? I have some sounds from the right machine's base and the dealer says that he can't do nothing but replace the part... (this is going to happen for 4th time) i can't imagine this to happen for all my life.... :ffs: thanks for your help Panos
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