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  1. Hi, Does anyone have a definitive specification for the wheel size required for a 2006 D4-D T4 2.2. Current wheels are I think the factory fit and reading the info stamped on the back are 7x17 PDC 5x114 ET45. I am looking to replace the wheels but when I look online for this model it usually tells me different values, eg PDC 5x100, ET40 etc Can anyone tell me for sure, and what offset values I could get away with. I intend to use 215/50 tyres. Thanks in advance
  2. [/quote name=jayp' date='07 March 2009 - 05:45 PM' timestamp='1236444340' post='862992] Also when i turn the key from lock-on 5 times how do i end up in the lock position! because on the fifth time the key finishes in the on position Jayp, I am hoping to do this soon and I note that the instructions were to turn fron on to lock five times not as you have stated. So therefore I assume you need to turn it to ON before starting the sequence.
  3. The well is easily large enough for a full size spare, hence me calling it a weight saver rather than a space saver. Myko, is there a convention for measuring the holes, apart from counting them :-), eg size of hole how far apart etc that I can recognise when ordering. Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm new here and have just bought a 2006 D-4D T4 5-door Hatch. I want to replace the weight saver spare with a full size, either alloy or steel, before I undertake a long european trip. Is the wheel for the 2.2 different from the 2.0 ltr wheels ? Can someone tell me what to look for as I do not want to buy one and then find it's the wrong one. Tyre size is 215/50/17. Also does anyone know of anywhere in the Leeds area that I might find a suitable replacement, new or secondhand, and what is a reasonable price. Thanks in advance from someone who is a bit naive about wheels.
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