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  1. Hi all. Am thinking of buying a diesel classic-shape (original) Previa for my increasingly large family (4 kids) and have a few queries; Re seating, I'd really like a 2+2+2 arrangement but the ones I've seen have all had benches for the rear 2 rows. Can separate (captains) seats be fitted cheaply? Secondly, I need six 3-point seat belts. What do Previa's come with as standard? Finally, other than a sign of it being an import (which doesn't bother me), is there any difference between the various other Previa names (Estima etc)? I'm told some have several sunroofs which, while not my priority, my son's very keen to have!! Hope someone can help?
  2. Hello all. I have a query regarding my dads 52-plate Avensis (manual gearbox). He's been finding gear shifts between 1st 2nd and occasionally 3rd becoming increasingly stiff. The clutch is ok and Toyota have said it's just wear and tear in the 'box. It's only done 55k miles and therefore I'm surprised to hear their diagnosis (and also I'd have expected one gear to wear rather than 3 at once?). Are there any other known issues with these 'boxes that he could rule out? Gearbox mountings or linkage probs? I've not driven the car recently myself so can't comment further really, though obviously he's not keen to replace the box! Hope someone can help.