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  1. Happy Birthday dezzah!

  2. Very enjoyable weekend, very nice to meet you and thanks again for letting me park with you! Glad I arrived in time on Sunday to finally get some wax from Hou! :D Here are my pics from Saturday: http://s668.photobucket.com/albums/vv44/d3zz2h/JAE%202010/
  3. Hi, Since I live about 5 minutes walk away from Wicksteed Park (or Wickies as we locals call it) it would be a bit rude of me not to attend! Unfortunately I've only just found out I have that weekend off work so am unable to get a £20 advance ticket, am I correct in thinking I'll be paying £25 on the gate? I have a JDM Altezza so is that ok to park with you guys since it is a Lexus over here! Also I have a 2nd Gen Mazda RX-7 - would I have to pay another £25 to bring that in (if I could find somewhere to park it!) I won't be there til the Saturday though as off to Wembley on Friday :)
  4. Have you asked on http://www.tezzaworld.com - they're full of info and more Altezza specific than TOC. I assume I'm allowed to post links to other forums?
  5. Oh dear, I've just noticed the date of the original post! Only 8 months too late... Also http://www.tezzaworld.com is a good site for any other aspiring Altezza owners out there!
  6. dezzah

    My first three Toyotas

    Wow, these are the cars that converted me to the wonder of Japanese reliability...<br /><br />3x Carina 2's!<br /><br />The first and oldest was a D reg that I had for 2 years and never needed a thing doing to it!
  7. dezzah

    My Altezza

    Here are some pics of my 99 import Altezza
  8. Well I've had my Altezza for just over a month now... So here are some thoughts from a new owner... I'm loving it! Admittedly it is slightly modified from standard (supercharger, exhaust, quick shift system, coilovers) so unsure how it drives in comparison to a stock Altezza. But in terms of fuel usage, its about the same as my previous car (VW Golf GTI Mk3) and I've had from between 500-600 km (310-370 miles) out of a tank. I'd probably have had more out of it as I try to keep it around 3000rpm but sometimes my right foot gets the better of me! Unfortunately the mods meant I paid more for ins
  9. Hi all, Just got myself an import Altezza at the weekend so thought I'd say hello! Heres the beaut:
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