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  1. Happy Birthday dezzah!

  2. Very enjoyable weekend, very nice to meet you and thanks again for letting me park with you! Glad I arrived in time on Sunday to finally get some wax from Hou! :D Here are my pics from Saturday: http://s668.photobucket.com/albums/vv44/d3zz2h/JAE%202010/
  3. Hi, Since I live about 5 minutes walk away from Wicksteed Park (or Wickies as we locals call it) it would be a bit rude of me not to attend! Unfortunately I've only just found out I have that weekend off work so am unable to get a £20 advance ticket, am I correct in thinking I'll be paying £25 on the gate? I have a JDM Altezza so is that ok to park with you guys since it is a Lexus over here! Also I have a 2nd Gen Mazda RX-7 - would I have to pay another £25 to bring that in (if I could find somewhere to park it!) I won't be there til the Saturday though as off to Wembley on Friday :)
  4. Have you asked on http://www.tezzaworld.com - they're full of info and more Altezza specific than TOC. I assume I'm allowed to post links to other forums?
  5. Oh dear, I've just noticed the date of the original post! Only 8 months too late... Also http://www.tezzaworld.com is a good site for any other aspiring Altezza owners out there!
  6. dezzah

    My first three Toyotas

    Wow, these are the cars that converted me to the wonder of Japanese reliability...<br /><br />3x Carina 2's!<br /><br />The first and oldest was a D reg that I had for 2 years and never needed a thing doing to it!
  7. dezzah

    My Altezza

    Here are some pics of my 99 import Altezza
  8. Well I've had my Altezza for just over a month now... So here are some thoughts from a new owner... I'm loving it! Admittedly it is slightly modified from standard (supercharger, exhaust, quick shift system, coilovers) so unsure how it drives in comparison to a stock Altezza. But in terms of fuel usage, its about the same as my previous car (VW Golf GTI Mk3) and I've had from between 500-600 km (310-370 miles) out of a tank. I'd probably have had more out of it as I try to keep it around 3000rpm but sometimes my right foot gets the better of me! Unfortunately the mods meant I paid more for insurance - I was with elephant and they quoted me about £350 when they (and I) though it was a standard model (I'm 31, 11 years NCB, 1xSP30, parked on road, Cat1 alarm/immob) but as soon as I mentioned the aftermarket supercharger they ran a mile so got it through Sky at £650 in the end. I use it as my daily driver, but do have a second car - a Mazda RX-7 Gen 2 convertible that is on a classic insurance policy (limited mileage, garaged, etc) and only comes out in the summer (insurance on that is about £170 a year). Now the bad points... The speedo is in km/h and the top speed is limited to 180 km/h (110mph) by Japanese law. Both of these are fixable by getting it delimited and putting in a Lexus IS200 speedo (or a later model >02 Altezza speedo) which show mph. Also because mine is lowered I now try and avoid all roads with speed bumps... Grrr! As you probably already know a lot of the parts are interchangeable with Lexus IS200 parts (as they are practically the same car apart from the engine). The previous owner of mine had put in the leather interior from a Lexus (as leather isn't very popular as an option in Japan). Oh and one of my excuses for getting it in the first place is BECAUSE its practical - *look its got four doors and a boot!* I really wanted something Japanese and rear wheel drive and had been looking for one for a good six months before the right one came up! Urm not had any drag races so far! Hope thats answers some of your queries but any more let me know and I'll see how I do!
  9. Hi all, Just got myself an import Altezza at the weekend so thought I'd say hello! Heres the beaut:
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