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  1. 40mpg?? Toyota stats say combined 34mpg av I've only ever got near that on a long motorway run. its very hard to get it to that lol i very rarely see that, like u say thats a motorway trip and bieng SO careful lol if i drive mine without thinking about it i get around 30 or less, in town if im realy trying i get around 33-34 and if im not realy bothering with the fuel i generaly get 25 or less lol
  2. not feeling it at all, i run mine on super, long as your not a light to light boy racer she will get 40mpg, so its all good
  3. Dewy

    Dash Help

    oh and does it actualy come with the clock and a/c display? or do they seperate?
  4. Dewy

    Dash Help

    nah mines a Pre lift, is there a diffrence than? does the T3 corolla's have the silver dash panels? if so may take a look at my local srappy see if theres anything down there, if not il have to bite the bullet and pay for a new one, the 10p coint holding the door up at the min is NOT a good look lol
  5. Dewy

    Dash Help

    hi, i have a 03 corolla t-sport and last night the hinge from the upper storage slot (above the ash tray) broke, toyota quoted me £178 for the clock.aircon surround?!?!? how can they charge this much for plastic??? after VAT its hitting £200!! anyone know any good online places to buy this part new?
  6. IMO i think 17's are borderline too big.... i mean i personaly think if you got too big on 5 spoke wheels unless you get bigger brakes it looks poor, big wheels with small brakes just doesnt go.... but thats me, iv always said if im going to get bigger wheels for my t-sport im either going to get a bigger brake setup or going to get multi-spoke but its all down to what you like at the end of the day :)
  7. to be fair, after thinking about this today, its much better to get a low end ECU map.... so a ECU map gives u low power and the lift can stay and give u high end power.... im going to my local performce garage tomorrow as they usualy do a map and ram air filter package :)
  8. Got you I just wanted to know in case I ever hear something from that area. i simply diagnosed it with a long screw driver and put the end on near tot he pully and put it up to my ear, u can hear it grinding through the screwdriver and as i move it up the arm away from the pully it gets quiter. Im sure when i take the belt off there will be play in the pully
  9. Well il get it trade anyways im a mechanic, i phoned toyota today and its £123 or something like that and £30 for a belt! :o but il get the belt after market they seem to be commen on alot of toyotas, iv changed alot of noisy tensioners on yaris t-sports at work mines not making a REALY bad noise, but its noticable when the bonnets open.... and now i know its there i cant not do anything about it lol
  10. I agree, in theory there isnt anything to stop the change in lift. But id imagine your would have to change the timing, the hydrolics ect..... although if im wrong and there is a stock product that changes lift..... im buying lol
  11. sodding hell thats rather pricy for a tensioner! lol i only ask as i thought id havea browse online first, see if theres any genuine parts bieng sold cheaper on the web, but no luck so far :(
  12. Easy things to check is the air filter, diesels can find it hard starting on cold morning if the filter is dirty (and clogged up) also could look at your battery, maybe its on its way out, the cold effects a "weaker" battery
  13. I dont know the details, but VTEC uses and on/off system, so VTEC is either on or off.... where are VVTL-i has a continuously variable system wich maximizes valve timing using a Hydrolic system where as honda use a mechanical system.... so VTEC can be adjusted easily (hense a VTEC controler) where as VVTL-i you cannot change (that im aware of anyways)
  14. Hey guys, well my tensioner is noisy! (as all toyota's do!) so was just wondering if anyone knew how much a genuine tensioner is form toyota? and does anyone have a part number for it? Its the 2ZZ-GE t-sport i have. I know it wont be cheap as its got the huge damper on it lol thanks in advance :)
  15. Dewy

    T-Sport Wheels?

    Im going to do mine in black at the end of the month before the bad weather arrives,im doing mine myself as i cant see how i can go wrong with black,but if ur looking to go bronze id get the professionaly done ,if your going white,give it ago urself .dont forget to get the correct primer ,and put multiple coats of white and lots of laquer,try it on ur spare wheel 1st and see how it turns out is bronze a hard colour to spray than? i just cant decide what colour to go for :( lol