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  1. Hi Subarman. I agree ,I had a loan of an Aygo when my iQ was in for service. Cramped and not as practical as the iQ and not a patch on the "original"  Aygo's I had when they first came out!

    I too will be keeping the iQ. Best wishes Roger

  2. Hello Roger We are on our second IQ, and would buy another if they were still made. Had a look at the latest Aygo, and it seems to be a lesser car than the IQ, both in terms of space and quality. So we have to keep the IQ going. Not a problem really. It has been super reliable and now it's on the silver and gold service regime, very cheap to run! We have a C-HR and a GT86, so the IQ does the town and supermarket trips mostly, but it is too convenient to have around for us to trade it in. Enjoy your IQ !!
  3. Absolutely agree with APS above. Sums things up nicely!!
  4. 120 mile trip on motorway. Acceleration was fine for overtaking and keeping up with traffic.
  5. We have had our hybrid Excel 2 days now. Can't comment on mid range acceleration yet, but from standing start it picks up really quickly with instant throttle response. All aspects of handling are excellent too. We are very pleased. Our other Toyota is a GT86, fitted with a Cosworth supercharger. Even against that, the C-HR is very satisfying. Motorway driving coming soon!
  6. I use a Subaru Impreza/Forester space saver. You need one from an earlier car, with 100pcd. Some of the later cars are 114 and will not fit. There are two sorts of Impreza/Forester 100pcd wheel design. Both wheels will happily go on the back, but one will foul the brakes if you need to fit it on the front and don't want to swop the wheels round. Rolling radius is within a reasonable tolerance. Hope this helps somebody. Average price for an Impreza spare is £10, even unused
  7. Love the car as is, but have ordered a TRD spoiler simply because I prefer the lines of the "duck-bill", and a pair of BRZ fender garnishes (yank-speak). Maybe an exhaust mod once I have heard what other systems sound like. Gonna keep the standard wheels cos I have grown to love them. Modding in the UK is way behind the US and Japan.
  8. I come from a customising background so was immediately struck by how good your IQ looked. Normally the first thing for me on getting a new car is lowered suspension and bigger wheels. We had lowered suspension on our previous IQ but the new one is so good handling-wise that I have refrained this time! I would have changed the wheels on the old one but as they were colour-matched to the car I kept standard. This time I really like the wheel colour with the black so have refrained again!! Oh well........... Our Impreza....lowered...tints......bigger wheels and brakes....etc ....etc
  9. Hi Soeley They look great mounted down low on your car, and I have found others on the internet that have the rubber strips fitted down there. There is also a chrome garnish, same size, which in the accessory brochure I have (from Japan) shows the garnish down low on the door where you have it. Yours makes a nice link to the wheels and the shape of the top of the doors. Excellent!! I was surprised there would be so much interest. When they were fitted on my previous silver IQ (still in black) there was hardly any comment
  10. Yes good comments. Positioning as you say is a matter of luck in terms of protection. I have positioned them in accordance with the instructions provided by Mr T. If I get a ding elsewhere on the door, I can always reposition the protection strip to cover it up, maybe. They come off relatively easily with some heat. As you point out, the dent magicians these days are able to work wonders. It's all down to defensive parking as the best means of protection.
  11. Had these on Rex, our silver IQ, and didn't get a parking ding for the two and a half years we had him, and thought the new car looked a bit naked without. But to be a bit different I got my good friend Ron to carbon wrap them before fitting them, just to keep the side of the car shiny. Well, here they are. Before shots are in my other thread, "Goodbye Rex, hello Spot"
  12. Thanks for all your replies. I now have a revised plan for the cost of the three services at £466, to be paid over 30 months. I am saving what are called "efficiency packs" that the dealer includes in the service over and above the Toyota requirements. The salesman unfortunately could not describe what these were in any detail. Having pressed the point, I now get a free tank of petrol when I turn up for the first service "to keep me happy". All very interesting....................
  13. Mr T wants to charge me £625 over three years for two intermediate and one full services, paid over 36 months. This freezes the costs at today's prices, I understand. The cost of brake fluid in yr 2 is included. But I have no idea what these three services would currently cost, in order to determine whether this is a good deal or not. Can anybody help?
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