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  1. Cheers frosty...will investigate further. J
  2. Hi all I'm on the lookout for a 53, 54 or even a 55 plate petrol t spirit but they're few and far between in a reasonable radius of Salisbury, wilts. If anyone knows of any for sale then please can you give me a shout. Cheers J
  3. Excellent, thanks for that. I look forward to switching. J
  4. Hi I'm looking to buy an 03/04 T Spirit and most I've located in my price range are autos. Are there any issues or things to look out for in particular. Thanks J
  5. Thanks for all. Fairness I wasn't hurt at all...the car did its job and absorbed all the impact. I'd buy another of a similar age tomorrow. Just thought at least passenger side might have deployed at least.
  6. Hi all I'm looking to buy a 03 onwards (depending on price) T spirit 2 ltr. As they seem pretty scarce in my price range I'm considering auto as well as manual to improve my choices. Any issues with the auto boxes or things to look out for? Cheers J
  7. Hi My t spirit had an argument with a tractor on Friday and lost. I'd checked the recall vin for airbags and it was one that needed checking. Thing is not one single airbag deployed on impact. Should I be informing Toyota? I bought the car because I was impressed with number of airbags and felt that it would keep us all safe in the event of a collision. Any thoughts anyone? J
  8. Hi The car for me over the past 3 years has been faultless ( except for starter motor). No oil burning issues or mot failures or advisories. It's such a crying shame that it can't be fixed. I hope I find another as good as this one.
  9. I checked my 54 plate T spirit last Thursday and it was due to go in under recall. Shame it got hit by a tractor the following day, not ONE of the airbags deployed....not one!
  10. Hi all I lost my beloved T spirit yesterday due to an idiot in a Tractor. It was a 53 plate with 118000 on the clock. Frustrating thing is that 2 days earlier it had flown through the Mot. I want to replace it with a similar age/ milage model but they seem almost impossible to find local to me (Salisbury) and when I do find one miles away its at a ridiculous price which will be no where near what I imagine the insurance will cough up. Has anyone got any sensible suggestions so that when I get my payout I can act quickly....the sooner I hand back this DS3 the better! Thanks J
  11. Thought I might enquire as to what other vehicles others looked at before buying their current avensis. I looked at a Mazda 6 and didn't like the cheap feel inside and it didn't look well built either so I went for my T Spirit instead. A decision I've never regretted.
  12. Mines a 2ltr petrol. No water in the boot or any signs that there ever was. I have to say it's the best overall car I've owned and I've had Gondar and nissans. I'm well pleased.......... Touch wood!
  13. I have a 53 plate 2 ltr T Spirit which I love. Had no oil burning issues with it at all. It's done 89000 and drives beautifully. Sailed through MOT all I've replaced are pads and an u2 sensor. Very happy with my first year as an avensis owner.
  14. Thanks Pete. That settles that. Why a chain for petrol and a belt for diesel though?