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  1. I don't understand your comment. Please explain. Thanks
  2. My wife has a Prius (1/9/08) so it is ~ 18 months old and has travelled 19 000 miles. This week's service showed pitting on the front disc assembly and advised replacement! Toyota said that it was due to "natural causes" and there has been a lot of salt used this winter and the weather is damp and this causes rust on the assembly. She is advised to clean the areas so that the rust does not pit the discs. Toyota were not at all sympathetic. When asked if this might occur again they said it was possible. If one use the brakes more then this cleans the rust from the discs. I said that good drivers anticipated and used brakes as little as possible. Toyota said that they could not comment as they were not driving instructors!! What do others think of this? It used to be the case that Toyota would replace the callipers, etc but have moved to align their servicing arrangements with other motor manufacturers!!