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  1. Greetings, I've got my eyes on the Misutonida bull bar for my 2015 Land Cruiser: https://www.misutonida.com/en/toyota-land-cruiser-150-5-porte-2014/7805-bull-bar-toyota-land-cruiser-150-misutonida-ec-med-266-ix.html Those are fully compliant and come with a certificate so are legal in the UK (there are UK distributors with better prices, btw). Can any of the members here give me an idea what sort of a premium increase should I expect, please? Best regards, Jack
  2. Hi, Just wanted to say hello. I have recently upgraded from a RAV4 to a new Land Cruiser (with the new engine). RAV4 was nice but this is the best car ever! Merry Christmas! Best regards, Jack
  3. Greetings all, As I am upgrading to a new Land Cruiser in a few days, the following need a new home: - original side steps from Toyota - 4 off-road tyres, lightly used (~ 5000 miles) - Michelin Latitude Cross, 235/55/R18 - Lindop chip for the 2.2 engine All of the above fit the the latest RAV4 model, price will be more than reasonable
  4. Hopefully a question within the topic: would buying Toyota provided but different full set of alloys be considered a "modification"?
  5. I see, that explains it. is there anyone you know who imports spares for the new model? Even the thin "cripple" spare would do.
  6. Ah, the space saver... I would like that. All I've got is that little bag in a big space under the false floor (you could easily put the spare in there) in the boot. Why do the Americans get the spare and we do not?
  7. Offroading but very, very gently. Just on some patches off the country lanes and such. The colour is Titanium Blue, it looks blue or grey or greenish, depending on the angle. And no, there is no spare. There is a compartment for it though - in fact some YouTube reviews mention that the US versions get the spare. Why don't we? Anyway, here are some more pictures:
  8. Greetings! Just logged in to say that on Monday my 2012 Prius went to find another home, and I took possession of the latest RAV4. I liked both (first 2009 and then 2012) of my Prii/Priuses but after few years I wanted something completely different... I absolutely love my new RAV4, even though it's been a few days so far... Will put some pictures in the pinned thread later, here's a quick one:
  9. Just logged in to say that my 2012 Prius goes to another home, and I am getting latest RAV4 this Monday. I loved both (2009 and then 2012) of my Prii/Priuses but after those few years I want something different. I expect a little shock about the MPG from Monday on...
  10. Must be one and the same - SWF is only a few miles away from Chelmsford.
  11. After reading your post, i emailed Lookers at Rayleigh - my local Mr T's.... They have replied confirming they only use 0w-20 in 3rd generarion Prius and Auris. T. Perhaps we should start a thread naming the various dealerships known to use or not use 0W 20 oil? Or at least a list somewhere. Seems like a very good idea. I thought it would not happen to me as it's been a long time since the original post by Grumpy Cabbie (if I am not mistaken), so I naturally assumed that by now all the dealers know about the right oil and/or would not try to play the "oil games".
  12. Update 3: Just finished (literally) the customer service survey - you do not have to guess how I rated Lookers Chelmsford. Obviously I made it quite clear that I will not be using them again and why.
  13. Update 2: Today the dealer (Lookers Chelmsford) replaced the wrong oil with the right one - allegedly. To wrap it all up: - They used the wrong oil deliberately, as - They said "5W30 is the oil they always use for Prius", and - They would not accept that they are in the wrong or made a mistake, and - They only offered replacing the oil after I complained with Toyota GB, and - They did not apologize. Truly dreadful "customer service". I have made a decision not to use them again.
  14. Update: The dealer phoned me and said that they will change the oil to the right one "as Toyota GB agreed to pay for it". If Toyota agreed to pay for it than I think they shouldn't have - it's not them who are at fault here.
  15. the tecchies are probably only doing what they've been told! I mean the colour/look or even the feel of it on the dipstick... Exactly! The way the manager of that dealership behaved it was very clear indeed. It wasn't the technicians' choice to put the wrong oil - "because the other one is more expensive".