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  1. hi, i'm new to this forum. i'm also trying to install new front fogs to my 2006 1.4d4d rolla, it also has the wires behind the plastic moulding (i have new fogs and mouldings which do fit my bumper and the connector fits the H7 bulbs). i have looked through the vast emptyness of the interweb and have come across a few sites which say that the oem wiring is installed, all i need is a relay and new stalk which includes the front fog switch. i'm going to install my own switch instead, to keep costs down. i have looked everywhere for the location of the relay, but have come up empty. my question is, is there a location for the relay and or fuse? or would i be better to run my own loom for this? i would prefer not to as i want to keep as close to OEM as i can. Cheers
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