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  1. I have a Lucida Estima. Where i live its not the best roads around, has anyone notice that going over the speed bumps or bumpy roads is unsettling the senors in the Lucida. My side door open light doesn't come on all the time now and not that long ago i had an oil & filter change done and it is now telling me it needs an oil change. I was wondering if anyone has experianced this.
  2. I also have had the front shock go on my Lucida. Found a web-site thats not to expensive and was told by a garage i use (a good reliable back street one) cost would be about £60.00 to replace(i supply the part). Web-Site to look at : www.bbcspares.com. Hope this helps Regards :)
  3. The Estima have much better spec to the UK versions. Parts are not so accessible but a decent garage should be able to get hold of them now as there are quite a few imports around. Not all insurance companies insure 'GREY imports' but ring around, i got a good deal for my one and thats with NO No-Claims as i've kept them on my car. If you want a list of Insureres let me know and i'll forward them to you.
  4. Thanks for that. I have managed to free the front sun-roof and my kids managed to dislocated the rear sunroof slider as well which i managed to do (took quite awhile). As for the Anti-Freeze, thanks for that as it will save me looking around for the supposedly special one now. Cheers
  5. Does anyone know what to do about the slider for the front sun-roof (Manual) is stuck closed and i cannot seem to pull it across so i can open the sun-roof. Anyone got any ideas that doesn't involve sticking something up the side as i don't want to damage it. Also, i've read that i would need to put in a specific anti-freeze in rather then the standard that you would buy from from same Halfords? Is this true? If so where do i buy it from? Cheers for any help
  6. Have a look at this site : www.ccengines.co.uk/estimaparts.htm Regards
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