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  1. hey all =] i have a 1985 Celica and there is no manual for that on the list of the celicatech website.. is there any where else i can download one from??
  2. I'm looking for a manual for my 1985 Celica SX and i cant find one anywhere. anyone know where i can download one from? thanks.
  3. Oh you make it seem so easy haha thanks for the help! I found out today that the springs have been illegally cut.. so im looking into getting new ones atm, just not sure where to go, there is pretty much no suspension on the front at all!
  4. needs help! =]

  5. WANTED TO BUY. 1. Stock steering wheel for a celica SX 1985.. 2. Subwoofer and an amp. 3. also, I'm in need of new radiator.. and also new shocks.. If you can help that'd be great.
  6. Celicaa SX

    1985 Celica.

    My car..
  7. Hey everyone. My name is Ebony.. I recently just brought my first car and always wanted to own a Celica.. so now i own a 1985 Celica SX Its been lowered, and has a different steering wheel to the stock one.. Ill post picks.. if i find out how to do it :S I'm after getting a new radiator and also getting my car raised, as its too low for the roads around my house (shocking road quality) so if you know any where that can do an amazing job. let me know =]
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