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  1. Happy Birthday Seth1!

  2. Rav has just passed the MOT - so glad about that but an advisory says: Near Side Rear Coil Spring Corroded Front and Rear discs corroded... Should I be worried ??? (The technician said not to be concerned they are just advisories...!) Thanks in advance! edit - forgot to say! also mentioned "some dry coolant residue to engine and waterpump body" Question - does this model have a known issue at 60k miles????
  3. Ours is the same....they are all like this, you get used to it!
  4. Well finally got my car into the garage to be greeted with! "Toyota finally delivered your wheel but they delivered 4..." to which I joked " You can replace them all if you like".... Anyway after 1 hour the receptionist came over and said..." It's probably a good job we have the 4 as the technician has checked your other 3 wheels and they all are faulty....so I got them all replaced! Well blow me down!...what do you make of that ?
  5. Booked in to replace the Alloy Wheel with a new one! - Good service Toyota!...I am well pleased I have to say!
  6. Okay...went to the Toyota dealer yesterday and the receptionist took a picture of the alloy wheel, this she is going to show the warranty guy who only comes into that particular dealer on Tuesdays....!! So lets see what happens now!
  7. Update - I am going in on Monday...also I have just noticed a second area on the same wheel...we will see!
  8. I will call in to the dealer tonight...lets see what happens!
  9. Thanks guys I will take the car in Tuesday evening...see what they say...It looks to me like it is a faulty alloy right from the start! ...All I can do is ask. ... cheers. ..
  10. I wonder if this is covered by the 5 year warranty, I noticed it when I picked it up from the dealer (I bought it when it was 18 months old...I have had it 7 months, just had it serviced by the dealer should have mentioned it them (I am a muppet for not!) What do you think guys and gals!
  11. It was on....I would have understood it not working if it was not on!
  12. We were in a traffic jam for 1.5 hrs yesterday, needed the air con like crazy. ..After 30 mind it stopped blowing cold ...After we got going again it was fine...Any ideas.. (2007 petrol auto) cheers
  13. Great the hear that there's at least 1 Hi Miler out there! Hope mine gives no trouble as its the only thing I am really concerned about!
  14. Just wondering about the longevity / reliability of the CVT box....I have searched and not found any real problems, but it could be no one has done any real miles! Come on guys, spill the beans! Mine has done a paltry 17 k ...
  15. Definitely the quality is not what it was! but then some other manufacturers are doing the Same...all chasing the $....
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