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  1. I'll ring HIDS4U wed or so. What you mean proper? Just want one that looks like http://a4.ec-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/88/cfbdac36d94e4a5695e1b5a3055b85b9/l.jpg (Left headlight) Why do you say it may have some problems come MOT time?
  2. Hello guys and girls, Sorry if this has been posted before but i could not see it. I have a 53 plate Toyota Yaris and wanted to fir HID Xenon lights ... after doing a bit of research i'm even more confused. Some say i need a conversion kit and some say if i but the bulbs thats sufficient. So i just wanted to find out, do i need it? Thanks in advance, Sam.
  3. Phoned Kenwood, and apparantly the headunit isn't out in the UK yet :S Explains why it isn't on the UK website. They said once it's out in the UK, you will be able to see which cables fits that headunit for each cars. So thats kinda crap tbh Sam
  4. Hello guys, i was looking at buying a DAB radio for my car, its's a Toyota Yaris T-Spirit 53 plate. I wanted to know is the Kenwood KDC-DAB41U any good? Any other recomemdations? My main question was can i fit steering wheel controlls for my car on this head unit? Thanks. Sam
  5. Fantastic, You're amazing. Car is 53 plate :/ Thanks alot. I've had to send my old (cheap pioneer head unit) one off cause it was faulty ... Oh the joys of standard head unit with no sub :( lol.
  6. Nah i wont be doing my myself, i have a pro doing it for me, but i'm just doing abit of research before i jump the guns. I was thinking of getting the Kenwood KDC-DAB41U But i don't know if i'll have any problems :/ or if there are any you would recommend? Thanks so far Mick, Sam.
  7. Aah thanks, how much was the integrated Toyota DAB module? Anyone else know about steering controlls?
  8. Hello guys, Just a few questions, If i get a DAB radio for my Yarris, would i need an additional aerial? Also can i get the steering controll to work on an external head unit? Help will be much appreciated. Thanks. Sam.
  9. Oh okay. Thanks for the reply. I'm guessin i should take it to a professional for fitting then lol. as i don;t have an idea about all this lol. Ask me anything about PC's yeah i'll answer, ask me something about cars i don't have a clue. But do you know if someone knows for sure if my model has a port for the sub? Regards, Sam,
  10. Hello Members, I wanted to know if my Toyota Yaris has a subwoofer port. It's a standard head unit. It is a 2003 model. 53 plate. Regards, Sam.
  11. Hello Everyone, Forum looks good, hopefully i'll get some of my questions answered. I love forums lol. I'm a moderator and tech staff support on a forum already but has nothing to do with cars lol. Regards, Sam.
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