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  1. Thanks everyone, I'm getting it done tomorrow. I would do it myself but think it's best to get the job done at a garage as it will need to be vacuumed and filled properly. The garage I took it was great as it was leaking on the low side valve on the first visit so they replaced that re gassed it only for it to run out a week later so took it back and they vacuumed it and it held the vacuum so didn't indicate a leak refilled again and didn't charge me then after 3 days it was gone again which is when I found the stain on the condenser, hopefully this will solve it then I can chill out 🙂
  2. I have similar issue with my 1.6VVTI Auris (2007) it has always been a bit greedy on oil but recently im using about 1 Litre for every 5,000 miles. Ive been told not to worry as these engines are known to enjoy a drink of oil and I have had my Auris for 5 years and never once had an issue with MOT/Emissions. I think I will worry when I see blue smoke. Try not to worry to much as I was worried at first after coming from a 19 year old Corolla that never used any oil between changes.
  3. I have a 2007 Toyota Auris and I keep losing air con gas every 2 weeks and the garage keeps re-filling but couldn't locate the leak, they put some dye in and said to run it. Tonight I thought id shine a UV torch and see if I can see anything and the only thing that looks suspicious is the front radiator which just looks like an oily leak but not sure if its air con (is this the dye the garage was talking about) They told me they vacuumed it and it was holding vacuum so felt it was a small leak. If this needs replacing does it require both radiators or just the one - Thanks everyone
  4. Thanks frostyballs I checked and water isn't coming in from the vents but can see it seeping in from the grommet in the picture, nightmare 👍
  5. Hi Everyone, I have sprung a leak in my 2007 Auris I have checked the notorious rear light cluster seal and it doesn't seem perished and I ran some silicone around the edges of this seal but still leaking. When i cover the light cluster up with a plastic bag no water comes in so I know its coming from the cluster, however when I pour water on the car near to the light cluster and look inside I can see the water seeping in from a grommet, I've attached the picture and wanted to ask can this be the issue as I haven't read anything about this grommet causing this type of leak? it seeps in from the bottom of this grommet as well and not the top. I gather the seal is doing its job on the light cluster but finding its way round and running down behind the bumper where this grommet is located and then coming into the car from here.water is running. If the seal was failed on the light cluster would it cause the water to come in from this grommet? in other words if the seal fails does the water come in from where the bulb holders are at the back of the cluster - Thanks for any advice everyone.
  6. Its petrol 2007 model year as for engine I don't know
  7. Is yours a new model (the one that has an angry face at the front) or the pre 2011 version. Thanks everyone.
  8. I have a 2007 Auris and I have only just noticed today that when I turn the ignition key that there is no warning dashboard lights for ABS or Oil which got me a bit worried. The car displays all other lights such as Airbag, Battery, engine management etc. Has anyone else found this as it seems a bit strange to me as all cars I have owned have had these warning lights. Thanks for any help with this everyone.
  9. Sounds like mine is normal then - I have checked the tyre pressures and all are fine. I would thought it would of been better on fuel than it is having 1.6 cars before maybe it the VVT-I workings of the engine. Luckily I am not doing massive amounts of mileage but if i was doing around 24,000 miles per year would probably look for a change. Thanks for the posts and the link to the Honest John fuel stats.
  10. That`s not much mileage for a Toyota engine to have a problem - Wonder what causes this to happen, Least they are sorting it out for you.
  11. I have a 2007 1.6 petrol Toyota Auris. I filled the tank to full where the pump clicked off twice, the gauge was showing full. I travelled 95 miles on mostly straight and even A-Roads averaging 55 mph, I decided to fill the tank again on my return and the car took 13.11 litres (nearly 3 gallons) to fill it back to full again at a cost of £16.51 for the 95 miles. On working this out the car only averaged 31 mpg and this is on a run, Is this normal with other Auris owners as i thought I would at least be getting 45 mpg. Just wondered what everyone else is getting on a run, I mentioned it to the dealer who told me they are not the best on fuel, I have had the car for just 8 weeks so still getting used to things, Thanks everyone.
  12. Calling them on Monday, Hope this is a bolt on part. I can see this getting quite bad in a few years if its left :(
  13. Might be worth looking at this site... http://www.bba-reman.com/uk/index.aspx they sorted by sister in laws speedo out for her Audi It would mean that they would need the speedo for a week but could save hundreds from whats been quoted.
  14. I have an 07 Auris and have noticed today that there is rust forming on the body structure under the front radiator. It appears to be the panel that the front bumper bolts onto but there are also holes with no bolts that have started to rust. I have attached the pictures and wanted to ask if this would be covered under the 12 year bodywork/corrosion warranty. The car has a full Toyota dealer service history from new and has always had what it needs regardless of cost but seeing this on a seven year old car quite shocked me. I only noticed it as the sun was shining through the grill and at first I thought it may of been an air con pipe but not part of the body of the car. I have called my Toyota dealer who say to phone on Monday. Am I likely to be told its not a body work corrosion warranty issue as reading the body work warranty it says it must rust from the inside out? The bumper has never been removed or damaged. Is anyone else's Auris like this - Any posts on this would be appreciated. Thanks.