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  1. Have now located unit on eBay and works fine.Many thanks for the help and suggestions. Jim
  2. Hi,I may well have to go down that route incidentally had a word with a toyota mechanic who had never heard of this happening on a batt change plus it's not poss to fit the battery the wrong way round! He did suggest they always pull the radio fuse first...will keep my eye on eBay for a while you never know. Jim
  3. 58812, seems to be fairly standard radio but has the volume etc on the steering wheel.This I could live without if another radio would fit? Jim
  4. Many thanks for replies..have tried pulling fuse etc to no avail... The model is 86120-42130 so will have to try and find one! Do all the numbers apart from the model 86120 have to be tthe same??? Jim
  5. Had battery change on my rav4 o4 yesterday at a local garage....On collection tick over was down to 500 rpm drove back to the garage and it had corrected itself but then I noticed the radio/cd was playing up ie will not turn off plays only one station will not tune in few of the buttons work etc..as is normal the garage wants nothing to do with it.....So please what can I do. Jim
  6. Hi,Have owned 95 rav for 12 years and have had the odd immobilisor problems...I dont think the remotes have been working for some time, allways manually unlock.At the moment car is on drive whatever I do the indicators flash and nothing happens...Engine will not even turn over...My question is can I remove or dissconnect the immobilisor...I really do need the car..The instructions tell me to press red button for 10 seconds then press once this does nothing. pleese help
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