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  1. This problem has been coming and going.. basically theres been a really annoying whistle occuring under the hood whilst im driving.. Its only when the car reaches cruising point, if i put my foot down a bit more, the noise goes until the car is cruising again. Ive been hunting around with my WD40 can spraying the odd bits but no luck. It appears to be coming from behind the engine below the car near where the steering mechanism is. The car still drives as it should do no problems, its just the noise which gets on your nerves after a while.. Any help is much appreciated :) Heres a link to a video i recorded to give you an idea on what the noise is..
  2. Thanks for the reply.. Il do that sometime this week and let you know how it went
  3. Basically, my orange "malfunction indicator lamp" came on the other day.. This has happened before and i just reset it disconnecting the battery.. 4 months later its come back on.. only when weve been on high speed roads. I joined two connectors together on the diagnostics socket to get the MIL to flash and decoding this, i found out it was Fault Code 25. I had a look on google for toyota fault code 25 and on two websites it says "25: AIR/FUEL RATIO LEAN INDICATOR--LEAN SIGNAL SENT TO ECU FROM O2 SENSOR" Is this a fault with my sensor? ive had the same exhaust for 11 years and have a feeling that the sensor is clogged up with carbon.. The cars done 68000 miles aswell. I had a look for the sensor and i found two on the exhaust pipe, one in the engine compartment and one just under where the gearstick is.. Are these both o2 sensors and do you think i should replace the 02 sensor? Any advice is much appreciated!