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  1. i got the H7R bulbs? aint they supposed to be anti glare or something, so far its on 0 and i have'nt been flashed at or anything?...i will just have to wait and see until someone does in that case you might be good with the H7R bulbs, set to 0 i get flashed nearly 100% of the time... you should get some anti glare bulbs then?...if its annoying when people flash at you
  2. Yea its a Tte one without it the car looks completely different in my view. Yea ordered my 6000 2weels ago should come in next week hopefully in before the snow comes back around here. Can't wait to fit them. we have something in comman, our first cars are E12 corolla's :D tints will make the car look nice too
  3. love the car, especially the spoileer, want one like that cause its a tte t sport spoiler right guys? anyway some nice HID's will make the car look clean, trust me
  4. i got the H7R bulbs? aint they supposed to be anti glare or something, so far its on 0 and i have'nt been flashed at or anything?...i will just have to wait and see until someone does
  5. thanks for all the advice guys, i got my HID kit today, 8000k H7R, installed them and they look superb, much better than stock lights, i dont think il be ever going back to them will get some pics up of the car and the progress so far...just waiting for my brake discs to arrive thank you andy for the photo, your cars looks awesome :D p.s. i installed the hid kits without taking the bumper off, wasnt as hard as i thought it would be
  6. can anyone put some photo's up of 6000k and 8000k HID's on thier corolla please, it would be very greatful as it would help me decide thank you very much :D
  7. £2200 for my 2003 toyota corolla 1.4 as a named driver :censor: then again i did the insurance when i was 17 so it isnt that bad isit? what will happen to me next year?
  8. they worked for me, hope they do the same for you wish you all the best
  9. i bought these ones: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290449921232
  10. i've got LED stop/tail lights on my corolla, bought them off ebay and fitted them straight on, didnt have no problems what so ever so im guessing if you can find the right ones they should do the job and shouldnt be too expensive, the output is that they are brighter and sharper which puts a smile on my face :)
  11. do you need to take off the bumper and head lights on a pre facelift 2003 rolla, cant you just fit them on? thanks in advance for all the advice and converations here :D...really has given me more knowledge on HID's
  12. dont get any comments but thats why i love the corolla its under estimated :D...even the small 1.4 that i have, especially the power and speed compared to toher 1.4's
  13. basically then i should get them installed and adjust them to point down or something? like from inside the car where you can use the "thing" to adjust the lights up or down? im stuck between 6000k and 8000k at the moment, 8000k being blue but not enough light to see the road infront but 6000k being less blue however making the road infront more visible, im sure 6000k will be more blue than the standard light bulbs and look better also make the road more visible? so maybe its 6000k for me then? and advice? (again, so sorry) i have found these, are they any good? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Xenon-HID
  14. oh thanks anyway msprince, really appreciate it i was thinking wil something like this fit my car: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Xenon-HID-Conversion-KIT-H1-H3-H7-H9-H11-HB3-HB4-9006-/330379335700?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4cec249814
  15. hello again, sorry but it would be greatful if someone can give me a link for HID's for my 2003 E12 toyota corolla pre-facelift? are they hard to install for example do you need to do wiring or is it just plug in and play? thank you in advance
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