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  1. Update....solved all my problems.......bought an Ipod, everything works perfectly.
  2. Really !!!!! I never knew that, i'll give that a go tonight cheers
  3. I 'm a wee bit confused when you say 'rotary dial'
  4. Hmm...interesting. Does the browse button work also? p.s. 'rotary dial' ?
  5. From a USB memory stick? or a USB cable to your phone?
  6. I'd be interested in anybody using an Iphone or Ipod with the system, as i'm thinking of investing in an Ipod to use with it. Incidentally, in the manual it does state that certain buttons may appear or not depending on the bluetooth device connected.
  7. Hmm..... seems a bit poor that they would design the software for the audio display that doesn't include a browse button, effectively making your music choice pure guesswork & having to skip through possibly hundreds of tracks to find the one you want...crazy, and yet a browse button appears when using a USB stick. but you can't skip forward....even crazier.
  8. I have a new (6 months old) Aygo X-pression which incidentally i'm chuffed to bits with. I have the x-play touch screen installed. I have alway been a 'radio' sort of person when driving & rarely listen to mp3. However occasionally I do listen to the odd track from my phone via bluetooth. I've experimented with with putting a few tracks on a USB stick which works but with a few issues. Does everyone else have the following issues :- when listening to mp3 from phone my 'browse' button isn't displayed so I cannot search for tracks and can only skip forward or backward. Hovever :- when the USB stick is inserted with mp3s on, the browse button is now visible & i can search for individual tracks by name, but the tracks have to play to the end & cannot skip tracks using either the screen forward & back buttons or the steering wheel buttons. Does everyone have this issue or has my player some sort of issue that need sorting? Your help will be much appreciated. cheers. P.S. I would ideally like to transer all my music to a USB stick, but it would be pointless if I cannot skip tracks using the steering wheel button.
  9. Thanks. I don't do a lot of motorway miles, so probably won't be using it much.
  10. Nicely detailed description, thanks very much.
  11. Simple question.....Has anyone used theirs yet, if so can you explain exactly what it does as It has been described to me as cruise control !!!
  12. I think you'll find that the shift indicator is only there to help you drive in the most fuel efficient way, which seems to mean keeping it under 2000 revs. as this is when the shift indicator lights up. After driving mine for a while now I tend to ignore it & just drive as i have always done i.e. listening to the engine note.
  13. Funny but I never thought it was heavy, but the last couple of weeks of driving my new X-pression model, I've switched between the two (as I still have my old model) & the difference is very noticable, but not sure if this is just the obvious difference between new & old rather that between models...if you know what I mean.
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