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  1. The ad's on ITV played a huge part in my reasons for following the cup on BBC.
  2. Defo got to get the Finichis. No doubt about it.
  3. If it's the under-shield it's probably better to get an aftermarket part instead of a Toyota part as they will sting you with the price. Try to avoid plastic if you can and use sturdy screws instead of those crappy plastic ones.
  4. Sounds like a very helpful site. I will have to have a look : )
  5. There is also classiccarpartsgiant.com they may just have something if not then I think eBay, Fensport or japarts.co.uk are your best bet.
  6. Back from holiday!

  7. Great news! I'll get a round in and we can toast our good health. :meet:
  8. It would be great to see Toyota back in the WRC, it's been too long!
  9. Et means offset I believe and it's the mm distance between the centre line of the rim, and the line through the hub. You need to get it right else your wheels may scrub.
  10. I just noticed this vid floating around on some social sites and thought it mite be worth posting for a giggle. This drummer is clearly superior to his band-mates and doesn't mind showing it.
  11. They have been championing this on Radio 1 this week.
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