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  1. Thanks all, had a laugh yesterday with the dealers-they actually wanted to give me £10k for a 2009 plate Auris with all the whistles n bells 15k miles on clock-and wanted 2 grand from me agains a new Yaris! I tink I will be looking around!
  2. Looked at the Aygo yesterday-dont like the rear glass window arrangement and mini boot! Just doesn't look as quality as the yaris for me personally..
  3. Would be my choice actually! Disabled afraid, left leg aches with a clutch-then again, are the newer Yaris as easy on the clutch? May be an option after all if so.
  4. Hi all, just thinking of purchasing a different/newer model Toyota n am a bit stuck on which? As a Yaris owner for donkies, suits me, does its job, cheap to run etc etc, will go for a few changes like - Air con.Disc instead of tape, and needs must-automatic, oh, need a bit more oomph on the old motorway (short runs only really) so instead of my lil old 998cc wiould go for the 13/14/1600cc. MMmm, petrol or diesel? wadda ya think? Yaris or Aygo? I have a 3door now with hatchback-suits me, seats fold to some good area space when needed, not adverse to 5 door though. Any views? not gonna do new-will do newish I think and save meself a few grand! Cheers all.
  5. Get the dealer to come to you If they are half descent and you explain the situation they should do Will ring again and ask but when speaking to the parts guy he never offered any assistance in the matter at all!!!despite me explaining the situation! Will try again thankyou.
  6. Hi all, can somebody out there help in any way please!!!!! My elderly mother has lost her keys to her new auris!!Then she tells me she lost the first set months ago too!!!!It gets worse-all the documentation is IN the car ffs!! We have ordered new keys at a mega expense (lesson learnt!)but now we have to get the car to the dealer which is 10 miles away!!!! Its an automatic-cant move or the alarms will go off, cant get into it obviously-any ideas what so ever please!!!!URGENT PLEASE!!!