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  1. Damn! If I'd read this an hour ago I could have measured the front ones as I had the door panel off the drivers door
  2. It's a shame that such a great and individual company like Saab ended up making rebodied Vectras :ffs:
  3. Yes,very much so.Just means I end up changing insurers every year :censor:
  4. Fitted my interior light delay unit :) Adjusted throttle cable to remove excessive free play :) Tryed to fix my non operational drivers heated door mirror.Might not be needed yet,but soon...Unfortunately after tracing wiring back to mirror it appears it's the mirror itself as there is power all the way from the switch to where the wiring goes into mirror so failed to fix Added another litre of oil to the engine.Last litre lasted about 300 miles :censor:
  5. Yes.The new owner posted on here shortly after buying it I thought
  6. That is a great looking car and it looks very clean indeed. Loving the tax disc holder I recently painted my top engine mount and also the top rad mount/fixings as they looked out of place under my bonnet compared to the rest of the engine/bay Good luck with the mods mate and keep us updated with your progress :)
  7. May be loose baffles in the back box Can you tell which part of the exhaust is making the noise?Front?Back?
  8. Congratulations on the win mate Sounds like you had great fun
  9. That looks a tidy car Welcome to the club :)
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