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  1. What a shame there are so many muppets out there! TBF people are entitled to oppinion. My brother has a remapped focus st...........300ftlb. I could keep up with him in the real Sh@t and he can drive too. Bottom line is; 1. People are entitled to their opinion. 2. With a few mods of not huge sums of money, the T sport can be made into a sports hatch up there with the best in the class(My opinion). But we all know this dont we!
  2. ZZE123 is the bodyshape designation. They all look correct to me.
  3. 80's Toyota product particularly sports were a showcase of awesome quality engineering. Now the quality of Toyota is comparable to Ford.............Toyota is now the mass produced Japanese motor vehicle and the quality and reliability I do believe proves this. Such a shame.
  4. Good to see a young lad with an old skool attitude! My first experience of engines going over 7k rpm was my mk1 fwd corolla twin cam. Superb engine and so much smoother at 7500rpm than the t sport engine. Oh well............good for you though!
  5. I would be frightened to take her out on the road when finished. Just one stone chip........................for me would be a heartbreaker. Will quite possibly be one of the best in the UK? Excellent work on a fantastic motor KP, pity Toyota dont make them like this anymore.........they could have made done so much more with the T Sport ex factory!
  6. Sounds like it running on 3 cylinders to me. If it was the oil pump I would expect the low pressure light to be on. So by removing the cap when running, oil splashes out?
  7. Should comfortably be under 6 seconds
  8. Still low for the atw figure. If you have 187 at the fly I would expect to see 160/165 atw.
  9. 205/50/16 is closest to original diameter when using 19/55/16, otherwise your speedo could be too far out.
  10. Now you are talking..............if I could afford to get rid of my corolla, thats the exact route I would take having been down it before!
  11. Fu@@ing drooling now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could the sub 6 second T Sport be just around the corner? (Without massive amounts of mods done!)
  12. My mistake on the oil, however I changed mine at 40k!
  13. Not out the way Bong, std intake very restrictive, you just have to balance between correct intake and not drawing too much warm air hence my answer of possible if correct one fitted. I removed the snorkel on my car and got an instant improvement, this mod has been around for a long time now and most have done it/fitted a SRI