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  1. Front and rear complete set with clips included In nigh on perfect condition £20 collect only or will deliver within 50 mile radius of Newcastle upon Tyne for extra £5
  2. Genuine Toyota part in pristine condition Cost >£100 new This accessory is so useful when you are fully loaded and have passengers occupying rear seats. It fits very easily and can be removed if not required £25 Collection only or will deliver within 50 mile radius of Newcastle upon Tyne for extra £5
  3. Genuine Toyota part no longer needed. In pristine condition Part number :- PZ49D-7934000. Costs over £200 new Really handy for keeping things like liquids upright. Fits into runners and stretches telescopically Will take first £30 collect only or will deliver within 50 mile radius of Newcastle upon Tyne for extra £5
  4. Took my Avensis Tourer into Tyre Spot on Saturday to have a puncture repaired on rear N/S wheel. Tyres are about a year old (Goodyear brand) fitted by Costco last October and wheel alignments checked and adjusted by Toyota dealer several days later. I was surprised to receive a report from Tyre Spot fitters that both rear wheel tyres were "out of shape". Not fully understanding what this meant or whether it was a safety issue, I asked Costco to check this out and provide a bit more detail. They very kindly obliged by putting the car up on the ramps and pointed out on both tyres where there was
  5. Thanks very much for the comments. Shame about the economics, but at the end of the day, Toyota ain't a charity and what's the point if there's no bottom line. Might need to look at new Peugeot 508 SW hybrid, but have no strong appetite to go back to French cars even though I have very fond memories of an old XM turbo which was a beast (and supremely comfortable)
  6. Wonder why you presume there won't be a Tourer version? Absolutely adore my 2010 Avensis Tourer and would certainly consider moving on to a Camry Hybrid Tourer if such a model was built and introduced into the UK. I can't spot such a model in USA and Australian Toyota sites, so maybe your comment is spot on. Such a pity if it was the case, as the only alternative would be the smaller Auris version I guess
  7. Funnily enough I very much like the shape and design of the Mazda 6 Estate so maybe that is one to look at. Our local Toyota dealership also has a Mazda franchise so that would be quite handy. Appreciate the comments thank you
  8. Many thanks - good point. It will seem strange driving a petrol engine again after 20 odd years of diesel. Would certainly increase my risks of contaminated fuel supply at the pumps after all this time:)
  9. I might well have been tempted to do that, but wouldn't feel as confident with the BMW engine particularly bearing in mind some of the comments I have read on this forum. I was told off the record by a Toyota sales person that there had been a swap of technology between Toyota and BMW. BMW got the Toyota hybrid technology and in return gave Toyota the BMW diesel engine. Neither company however provided their latest technology. Don't know how true it is but certainly it appears there have been a few criticisms of the engine in terms of reliability.
  10. Just had my car returned following 90,000 mile service (purchased from new June 2010) with several warning notifications on the visual inspection report. These included :- Front to rear brake pipes slightly corroded Front suspension lower arm rear bushes (n/s and o/s) slightly deteriorated Just thinking about likely costs over next 10 months before 100,000 service due. Does anyone have any comments about above observations please in terms of likely cost and how long I should wait before having these jobs done by dealer or independent? Warranty runs out June 2019 (or 10
  11. I believe the Skoda dealer price for this job on the Superb model is circa £700ish. I also believe the replacement period was increased from 4 years to 5 years for later models or mileage based for high mileage drivers.
  12. Reading your post was a bit like music to my ears. My 2010 Avensis 2.0D4D T4 is coming up to 86,000 miles. Like you this is the best car I have ever owned! I too would not replace it with the latest Avensis with its BMW engine and have also been looking at the Skoda Superb. I am really impressed with the Superb, even though it needs money throwing at it after 5 years (new cambelt/water pump etc) and does not come with the benefit of a 5 year warranty. The trouble is, I am just so reluctant to part with this car which I am sure could go on to 150K + miles no bother at all an
  13. Looks like I'll be driving my 2010 T4 D4D until it finally bites the bullet. Coming up to 86000 miles now and starting to wonder what major repair bills lie in store. Without tempting providence to date, it is still running with the original exhaust/cat and no major component replacements so far. Anyone care to hazard a guess as to which costly parts may fail over the next 2/3 years?
  14. At first I thought it was one of those "Spot the Difference" tests to test the reader's power of observation The changes you have made are very subtle and I think out of all of them I would probably plump for F. Having said that, I much prefer the 2009 facelift (like Morton54) and think Toyota made a retrograde step with the 2015 version. Impressed with your "Paint" skills I have to say
  15. 88,000 on the clock from new in D4D Avensis Tourer. A mere baby in comparison to previous posters. Neighbours round about all with new f-pace Jag, BMW X3, Skoda Superb L&K etc but I'm going to soldier on for quite a while it would seem as I love this car and would not change it for the world (or the dealer for that matter).
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