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  1. Yep I've just had that recall notice as well today....am busy trying to talk to my local dealer (and Toyota customer care via the tel.No given on the recall notice) to try and find out whether this recall will address the DCM fault mentioned in another forum post ..... so far no joy!!😒😴
  2. The reason I ask about AA support by this device is everything I can see on their website - as well as the videos you attach to your response show Apple Carplay on the car's screens - nothing about Android Auto? I have sent the company a specific email about support for the Gen 4 Yaris & my Android 9 Honor Play phone but have had no reply as yet.....😥😴
  3. I am an android auto (AA) user in my new Yaris Gen4 ....will this bit of kit give me wireless AA connection?
  4. Yes it has a subscription element to it but has an initial period of 'free' use, so hopefully I will be able to tweak any settings I need to during that period 🤔😊👍
  5. I am trying out this adapter which is arriving tomorrow: says it supports the Mk4 Yaris for all functions apart from Live Data... https://caristaapp.com/adapter
  6. Sorry Hadrian1 ........but my new Yaris's Android auto connection works fine with my v9 Android smartphone
  7. Yep! should have been 29psi.......which is what I have set them up to be 🤪(was initially rather harsh ride, but now a little softer but still not as good as my previous 2x 2012 & 2017 Yaris 😥 Guess also something to do with the 17" wheels - I hadn't noticed any discernible difference in ride to my previous cars on the 16" Design model I test drove prior to ordering the Launch Edition.
  8. A further update on my issue with the RSA sign recognition settings not 'sticking' after an ignition Off/On cycle.... Following my software update by my local dealer (who have been great getting me this far with Toyota TME (those responsible for keeping all things Toyota in Europe monitored/up-to-date)......It fixed the settings issue but has not entirely left the RSA over the speed limit warnings behaviour to my satisfaction - namely now I have set the warnings to stay on & have been using my new car a little more now that lockdown has eased a bit, I am finding I am getting erroneo
  9. I concur, my new Launch Edition Hybrid Yaris came with tyre pressures of 45psi all round !!🤪
  10. Yes this is how I sorted it out following my negative response from Toyota CR . I think enough said on this I understand I contacted the wrong channel 😥
  11. True.....in an ideal world I would have agreed with you, but surely Toyota 'Head Office' should have this info available to hand to answer specific customer's Qs when they ask for info on a specific topic?
  12. Got my Toyota dealer to perform a flash upgrade to my system couple of days ago (despite Toyota Customer Relations telling me one didn't exist for the new Yaris🤪). Did the trick, and my speed sign recognition on the HUD now beeps and turns red if I creep slightly over, and also 'sticks' during ignition On/Off cycles.....my TPMS individual tyre pressure values now appear on the screen as well.
  13. Is that the one that has the really light coloured interior? Thought maybe easy to soil so decided on the rather sporty looking Launch Edition, which has rather too dark an interior for my liking, but as there was nothing in between I had little choice.
  14. My touch up paint was delivered to my local dealer today.....when checked it's colour on bottle it called it Vivid Coral , on inspection of contents it looked a good match for my Tokyo Fusion colour. At £11.71 total price it was £4 cheaper than my last Cherry Red one.......🤑
  15. Just ordered some Tokyo Fusion touchup paint from my local Toyota dealer - arriving in 3 days (hopefully based on what you say). Will update if arrives & if correct colour.😎
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