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  1. What yo need to do is, With the ignition off, hold the reset button down, then switch ignition on, then release the reset botton and the trip should reset. HTH
  2. I had very similar problems with my 99 Avensis 1.8 7AFE, changed the thermostat, and thought I had cured it. However took it out the next day for a long motorway drive, and the temp gauge stayed on cold ??? I reached my destination, left the car running for a few minutes, then the cooling fan cut in ?? So I figured it must be the temp gauge needle sticking, so I gave the dash a few taps, and the needle started moving. Need to look into it some more thou. HTH
  3. Hi, No experience of them myself, but have looked into getting them. I would imagine that the ones with a display are probably not that accurate as the factory fitted sensors, so would just go for a cheapie, that just makes a beeping sound. Sure someone else will be along with some experience of them. HTH Alan
  4. Unless you install self levelling and self cleaning system they are illegal, I looked into fitting them on my car. The problem is if you have an accident and the other driver blames you for your dazzling lights, then you will be at fault and your insurance co can void your insurance. If you've already paid for the kit, then I would fit them to the full beam lights, and not your dipped beams. Google are hid conversions legal. I personally got some osram nightbreakers to improve my headlights. Hth
  5. I second that !! Ripping off bas@*$ds, Do not give them your business. Find another garage and if they try the using the same excuse, then move on to the next one. There must be A honest garage in your area. Can you name and shame once you get your car back ?? so that others know to steer well clear of this unscrupulous place.
  6. I am always dubious about older cars with low mileage, some I'm sure are legit, but I believe many have been clocked back at some stage as its so easy to do on with a digital dash. Ask the dealer for the number off the logbook and reg, then go on the vosa website and check previous mot's. Also he should have the service history book, along with two keys (remote key and the normal grey key). I think the cambelt needs doing at 60,000. Also to back up the mileage check interior for signs of wear, bear in mind that many taxi drivers will buy an Avensis and run the mileage up to 200,000, so look for worn rear seats etc. You be surprised how many low mileage Avensis, have not got the original service book which would back up the low mileage ! You can always call a Toyota dealer give them the red number and ask if they have any service details about the car. If all the info you can get tallys up, then its the usual check under bonnet underneath the car and boot area for signs of accident damage. If it has aircon check you can hear the pump click in when you switch the a/c button. Also check the cooling fan cuts in, and the coolant temp gauge doesn't go in the red, but stays in the middle. HTH Alan
  7. Just buy one from Mr T. I paid approx £7.50 for mine, well worth it for the info. HTH
  8. The attached picture is from the T25 Diagnostics guide, and may be different on yours. Use at your own judgement.... HTH Thanks for the info, the code we have is P0420. Is this the sensor after the cat? Apparently this error code can be due to the fact that if your engine burns oil, this can contaminate the cat, which reduces the efficiency and causes the error code. HTH
  9. It's probably a little stunt by Toyota in order to put you off trying to change the bulb, so that they can charge you £50 to change it. But I'm sure there is a relatively simple way to change it, either removing the inner trim, some cars not necessarily your car, have the rear light cluster fixed from the outside.
  10. If it is the switch and don't wish to give Mr t £50 of your hard earned cash, simply go to Maplins and buy a £2 push switch, and wire it into the existing ignition loom. This is exactly what I did, then you have £48 left to buy some beers ! It's quite an easy job, I'm sure there is a thread on here Ho to do it, or I can look at my wiring and let you know which wires to splice onto. HTH Alan
  11. Hi James thanks for your reply. I understand and agree with what your saying, but without knowing the specs of the original, I cant match up a new one. And im sure Mr T aint gonna give out the info either !! From what I can gather they are gauged by how many Rows they have, together with width and height, in my case 7 Rows, although I have read other companies recommending 10 row coolers for engines under 2 litres. Other co's offer kits to install an oil cooler, which makes me think that dimensions and flow rates arent that critical, however by putting a bigger cooler on the car, could cause the oil to be cooled too much and vice versa. I spoke to demon tweeks and the guy seemed to think that their replacement cooler would be ok for my car. Surely a 7 row cooler with similar dimensions maybe slightly bigger than the original will do the same job. Either way I aint paying stupid money for a part that can be bought for a lot less elsewhere, even a branded racing oil cooler works out at around £100, but £350 is simply taking the P**s. Regards alan
  12. Hi All, Just had a poke around under the bonnet, checking oil level, coolant etc, all was fine apart from when I looked at the engine oil cooler situated between the Radiator and bumper on the left hand side. The lower left corner of the cooler seems to be weeping oil, not a prob I thought, as I can fit a new one myself, so I called Mr T for a price......... around £350 So next call was Eurocarparts, who said it was a main dealer only part, no way am I paying for Mr T's ridiculously priced cooler. Onto Ebay, '7 Row Oil Cooler' £40 thats more like it You need to buy the correct fittings to join to the existing oil pipes, but a saving of approx £300. Just one concern I have, is that on the original cooler the inlet is situated on the top, and the outlet is on the bottom or vice versa, the Ebay oil cooler has both the inlet and outlet on top. So does anyone know if this will affect the new cooler from working properly ?? Regards Alan
  13. Just put the same oil as the dealer, forget what Halfrauds suggest. In fact forget Halfrauds altogether and go to eurocarparts as they are much cheaper, and more helpful !
  14. Hi, can't help on fuse location or number, but I've got a feeling the air con is designed to switch off when directed to the screen, to prevent condensation forming when used in certain conditions. By the sounds of things you haven't got a avensis handbook, I didn't either so I bought one for approx £7 from Mr T. It had a few bits of info, I didn't know like how to dim dash lights, alarm etc, well worth it if your keeping the car for a while. Reason why air con might not be working, is the condenser (like a car radiator) located behind front bumper, are suceptable to stone damage ie hole which all the gas then escapes leaving you with little or no gas left. My car had just enough gas pressure to trigger the pressure switch to engage the pump, but when checked by a mobile air con engineer he showed me where the condenser had a small hole, and also said its very low on gas. 130 quid for a new condenser, plus a few hours to fit it. HTH Alan
  15. Hi all, I don't have this problem however a possible cause could be.... If the dashboard has had some dash shine products applied to it, this will cause light to reflect off it even more. What I've done in the past to remove it, simply get a warm damp cloth, spray some kitchen/bathroom cleaner on it and give the dash a good hard rub over. Test on an inconspicuous area first though. HTH Alan