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  1. Yes, the wheels are on but with 205/40 tyres. On the back I have plenty of space left. And with H&R springs, till now no rubbing at all. Thinking of installing wheel spacers on the back to get a wider look.
  2. Thanks, than from the 5mm difference on the offset they will rub badly I think? Thanks again for the advice
  3. I m going to see a set of o-z ultraleggera wheels, basically they are 17x7 with 205x45x17 tyres and +37 offset. I m not intending to make any mods to the rear fender lips or anything, and I m running 45mm low. Will I have any problems on full load etc?? Thanks
  4. Be careful, that grill will not fit the corolla e12. That only fits the Australian and other corolla's which have a wider grille. That's why it's a TRD grill.
  5. TTE skirts,were on the facelift 2004 model, Aaa thanks, I was seeing them a bit different from that view. Cheers
  6. Nice!! Question, what side skirts are those please?
  7. No need to take the whole lining out. There are two boxes cut int the lining behind the bulbs. Just take them out with a screwdriver and a cloth and you will the bulbs. Gl
  8. Any advice on these kits? I know Full coil-over setup are the best... But since I have no where to track my car, I dont need them. Skunk 2 Thanks, Gig
  9. Well I did not have front fogs too and did them. The front half was pre-wired but under the dash I could not find anything. Looking at you 3rd photo you do not have the relay. If I am lucky I will find you the details of the relay needed. Using a volt meter, check the long black plug for sidelights supply. So that the switch illuminates with all other in the dash. You need to connect the signal terminals of the relay to the switch too and give positive and negative supply to the switch. All in all you have the wire everything from the beginning but at the end everything comes factory look bec
  10. Proset man!! Saw it at paqpaqli show! Very nice!
  11. Just checking out opinions... What do you think about white 17" steelies on a black lowered 45mm corolla? Edit : I know they are heavy but there s no loss on a 1.4!!
  12. For the rear, I just cut a bit off the allen key, and job done :) (You can buy another allen key anyday)
  13. Does anyone know if this front strut fits a corolla pre-facelift?? Megan Racing Thanks
  14. Hey, did mine today and thought I d give you what I encountered. First its much better using this guide : Aux Corolla. Now I did it his way without reading properly and nothing worked. Then after removing again the whole console and radio I checked how my right and left channels are according to the ribbons labeling and found the problem. The Right and left channel are 12 and 14 while the negative is 13 not as his pictures 1,2 and 3. Else works great :) Really happy with mine now. Might save you 1-2 hours work and trial and error Gig
  15. Didn't try it my self but I don't see why it shouldn't work aux hack
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