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  1. Hi mate, try reading the error code for the engine light and go from there...
  2. Hi All, Been a while s As per title I am after a couple of Corolla GT / GTi Twin Cam Models. WIll consider with No tax / MOT etc,, Good money paidfor good examples. Drop me a PM or E-mail / Ring if you have something suitable. Cheers
  3. Hi All, Been a while s As per title I am after a couple of Corolla GT / GTi Models. WIll consider with No tax / MOT etc,, Good money paid for good examples. Drop me a PM or E-mail / Ring if you have something suitable. Cheers
  4. May be a coincidence but i had a similar probelm literally 5 mins after 1/2 filling my Corolla 1.4 Diesel with Morrisons diesel. The car lost power and loads of black smoke. Had just got onto the motorway so rang my mechanic who said it muct have been some cr4p diesel so either keep driving or take fuel out. On hard shoulder car swithced off then back on and was good for 10 mins or so then same problem again. I drove the car from Leeds to Luton where i was headed but noticed the lack of power come and go depending on the rev range. Anyway by time i did about 100 miles or so it was sorted. Filled up with VPOWER diesel on way back up and 200 miles return were trouble free.. Rash
  5. Bloody hell...! Sorry to hear this, car was a mint example. Hope it gets found soon or the thieving tw4ts get whats coming to them. Rash
  6. Good to meet up with you all. KP - glad to see its getting the TLC it deserves and has gone a good home. will keep an eye out on the progress of it. Rash
  7. 1999-T Toyota Corolla 1.6 G6R Limited Edition 6-Speed **SOLD**
  8. Was bought by me from the original owner who got it new in 1979... only had one owner from new.
  9. just one pic at the moment..... its going for its MOT next week. And maybe ebay the week after... :)
  10. Bought a Toyota Corolla 1.2 KE30 Manual, 4 Door version, Quite a rare find. Its only had 1 Owner From New, only got 55k on the clock - Was stood in a garage for the last 5 years. Iv put some petrol in it and a fully charged battery and it starts and drives like new :) Since new this has had seat covers fitted: Seats, carpets, dash all like brand new! Will upload some pics shortly...
  11. G3/G10 or the like would be better for geting rid of scratches as they have a 'cutting agent' in them that cuts into the lacquer to help remove scratches... Rash
  12. Cheers for that. Went to a local motor factors and ordered the plugs and some redline SAE90 Gbox oil. Checked teh SC oil and it was transparent like you said. Was showing about 1/4 full so will top up once i get the sae90. Also got the oil filter and Oil (Went for Fully Synthetic Mobile 1).. Cheers for all help.
  13. Ok cool - Will have a nosey round it tomorrow. What about engine oil / filter / Sparkplugs...? Which would be best..? Also what part no. for the filter? Cheers Rash
  14. Cheers peeps. Just gave the engine bay a tidy up today and painted the calipers. Then gave it an engine flush and put some toyota red stuff in it. Noticed a yellow screw type thing on the back of the engine is this where i top up from or check supercharger oil..? Will take a pic of it tomorrow. Also is it possible to see the belts from top of engine bay or not?? On the receipts when the engine was supplied it showed a biggert pulley and bearing to be fitted to the car but wasnt supplied at the time so dont know if it has it fitted after or not. When taking off the drivers side wheel i took a snap of the pulleys but dont know which one is fitted.. Any ideas..??? Cheers Rash p.s. does squeal slightly when i rev it to about 5k rpm
  15. Hi, Looking for: - 2 x door cards for a 1990-1992 Corolla GTi - Passenger side elec window switch - Rear Lights - Standard (not worn) Steering wheel Please PM me if you have any of the above items for sale with pics/price and location. Can collect within 50 miles or so of Leeds Cheers
  16. Hi All, Been a while since i last posted - Just getting used to the new layout of the forum :) Anyway I have purchased a AE92 that has had a SC engine fitted (Supplied via Fensports) I am wanting to service it and give it a once over so where do i start..?? Obviously Oil & Filter first then how do i go about servicing the Supercharger or making sure its OK (drives well and car pulls well) Do you change belts on the SC also? Best place to buy parts from...? Finally need a starter for it aswell as the one on it is knackered so am i right in presuming its the same as the stock mk1 MR2??? Cheers Rash.
  17. Yep as Mister Mo says if you look hard enough you'll see rev3 tubby's with no tax/mot tatty bodywork for less than £1500 and you have EVERYTHING you need (ECU/Loom etc..etc..) Best of Luck with it (About time also :) ) Rash.
  18. Good stuff The treats on.... :)
  19. Double post Sorry....!
  20. Seen this corolla on my travels looking in a bit of a sad state at its current owners house.. Has been living there for the last 18 Years... Unused for the last couple of years and out of tax and mot.. Under all the dirt / grime i realised there was a tidy wee motor wanting to come through.. So got the car delivered home.. spent a good few hours with my heavy duty Karcher machine - LOADS of TFR - and finally a bit of a buff using G3 (1st time i've ever attempted to buff a car...damn my arms hurt more than when i first lifted some weights many moons ago ) However if was definitely worth it....i'm sure you'lll agree
  21. as per title - WITH a flexi and a Bung, It is in VERY GOOD Condition with a minor thumb size ding and light graze on underneath however these cannot be seen when on the car.. Not sure of make however its about as loud as an RS*R £225
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