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  1. what to do next ? new front tyres, new front shockers, driven around with space saver wheel on to see if droning noise was still there at 40 mph and above, without wheel that caught kerb , and it is. all wheels checked for any free play and theres none.what would you guys suggest to do about the droning noise, maybe as a tyre fitter suggested, it is the wheel bearing that took the impact, but is so slightly affected at the moment there isnt any free play YET..Dont want to risk having new wheel bearing fitted incase it isnt that , and ive wasted alot of money ( cheapest quote for wheel bearing ive had is £110, which sounds too cheap to me.also theres no way i would even attempt to change the bearing myself. any suggestions.nearly forgot , put car in neutral at 40 mph and noise was the same, so cant be anything to do with the transmission as someone suggested.
  2. wouldnt know where to look for the transmission oil !
  3. been round corners at 40 mph and the droning noise dosnt change at all, left or right hand bends. had the wheel off myself today and theres no movement whatsoever when i try and wobble the brake discs. having new shockers and tracking done tomorrow see what happens to noise then.. maybe my car dosnt like the new tyres, michelin pilot sport, before they were hankook ventus
  4. cheapest price ive found for a pair of new shock absorbers is £239 at national tyres. kwick fit wanted £273 including tracking. halfords £406 and my local main dealer benfield toyota wanted £356 looks like national tyres tomorrow.
  5. havnt really noticed if noise gets worse when cornering will check, but need a corner where i can travel at about 40 mph when its most audible, also at 60 mph , not a good idea cornering at that speed !. think i will def get shockers changed whatever as i can see a good covering of oil at the top and spots in arch, and a covering on a section of metal behind the wheel ( no idea what parts called)registered yesterday on a website called, " my car needs a .com " where companies bid to repair your car. ive had one quote so far for the wheel bearing £110 sounds very cheap to me, also never heard of the garage in leeds.all work on my car has been at the same main dealer, where i bought it so far ( apart from tyres ) dont really fancy going there for a wheel bearing, reckon it would be seriously expensive ( recently had them replace my dodgy alternator at a cost of £312 reconditioned with 2 year warranty )
  6. when you say your shock absorber lasted another 100k after being told it was leaking, what condition did it get to and how did it affect handling before you got it changed ? mines been spiting oil out into the wheel arch. what else do you guys think a expert can do to determine if it is the wheel bearing making the noise, other than spinning the wheels to listen for any noise (none) and try to wobble the wheels (none )
  7. been back to national tyres and seen for my self front off side shockers leaking mechanic reckons its nothing to do with hitting kerb its just normal wear, but says the slight droning noise which has started since hitting kerb is nothing to do with shocks. put it on ramp and spun wheels , no noise, checked for free play in all wheels , none. so none the wiser over droning noise which occurs at about 40 mph and 60 mph. getting new shocks fitted next week was advised 2 mots ago about slight leak in a shocker, dont know which one , didnt do anything about it. mot 3 months ago shocker wasnt even mentioned ! all mots done at toyota main dealer so no concistency my mot tester there was there !
  8. yesterday driving to work i managed to clip the edge of a pedestrian island in the middle of the road while swerving to miss a dog. burst my offside front tyre and scraped alloy a bit , got aa to put space saver wheel on so he could look for any other damage , he reckoned all was ok, so got a new pair of front tyres fitted at national tyres.very cheap with aa discount, £178 fot 2 michelin pilot sport 225/45/17s, i got 2 as tread was below 3 mil on both.anyway national tyres fitted them without mentioning anything about any other damage.driving around ive noticed it seems a little jittery at the front offside, and at speed theres a slight drone coming from the impact area.when bouning the front wing with my hand it dosnt appear to bounce more than it should, but when i look in the wheel arch i can see what looks like a bit of fluid spotted around and a damp patch round the top off the shock absorber. new shockers needed i think, what do you guys think ?
  9. I had this problem witb my 2008 car when it was still under warranty they tried a fix which didnt work so they replaced the steering column which did fix it
  10. started to hear a rattling noise from round the drive belts today ,took it into my local main dealer today and it turns out its the bearings in the alternator that are making the noise, its intermitent at the moment, which the tech guy found strange , so when it started to rattle he put what looked like a stethescope onto the alternator and said its on its way out..having a recon one fitted tomorrow for £323 with a 24 month warranty. the cars 7 years old with 69k on the clock. never had a problem with an alternator before. anyone else had this problem ?
  11. why dont you contact auto express and what car magazine , they have a section in there magazine where they contact car makers on behalf of customers who think they have a case,nothing to lose ?
  12. noticed last night my nearside rear light was out, banged the lens with my hand and it came back on.banged it a few more times to see if it went off again , but it stayed on ok.it dosnt even flicker when i bang it just stays on ok now.has anyone else had this problem ? havnt had time to look yet , but could it just be the bulb not in properly ? thanks for any advice
  13. never had a problem with my clutch, and now have 66k on the clock
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